20 tips to make your LinkedIn profile perfect

Make your LinkedIn profile perfect:

If you want to have a LinkedIn profile that is perfect, we have prepared a list with a series of tips so that your profile does not go unnoticed.

LinkedIn is the social network par excellence for professionals. A social network where you can find countless opportunities to work all over the world.

20 tips to make your LinkedIn profile perfect -careermalls
20 tips to make your LinkedIn profile perfect -careermalls

Millions of professionals around the world are active on LinkedIn.

If you are looking for a job, whether nationally or abroad, you can not miss the opportunities offered by this great online resource.

By the way, have you already created a LinkedIn profile? If not, do not leave much more, you are letting many opportunities escape.

Why LinkedIn is a good resource to find a job?

LinkedIn is a social network where you can find millions of professionals from around the world. Companies, hunting talent, human resources professionals, work every day with LinkedIn.

In addition, this social network is a great way to build a personal brand . You can establish connections, show your experience and skills, and even find your next job.

But first of all, you must create a profile that truly catches your attention. For this, below you will find a series of tips to have a perfect LinkedIn profile.

Learn how to reach the professionals in your industry!

20 tips to have a perfect LinkedIn profile

Below you will find 20 tips to have a perfect LinkedIn profile.

Keep the profile updated

If you want to be found, or access a job with LinkedIn, you must keep your profile updated with the latest skills, experience, jobs, volunteering …

Use professional photographs

Having a LinkedIn profile with good photographs are more likely to be visited than those that do not have images or are very bad.

Use a suitable photograph for your profile , that you appear as professional as possible. You can also add a cover photo.

Include keywords in your profile

Include keywords in your LinkedIn profile is basic to be located.

These keywords have to be related to your professional profile , in this way, you will give clear information to the social network so they can locate you.

For example, if you’re a web designer, you can include the word web designer or web designer in the title of your profile.

Create a custom URL

Creating a personalized URL will make your LinkedIn profile even more professional.

Normally, the URL of your LinkedIn profile is a series of numbers. This can be changed, for example, by your first and last name. Thus, when accessing your LinkedIn profile , it is displayed as follows: linkedin.com/nombre-apellido/.

To edit the URL of your profile, go to the “Edit Profile” menu. Once there, you only have to click on the URL below your name to modify it. A link will appear to create a personalized Url, very simple.

Get recommendations and references

As in real life, the recommendations are very important to your LinkedIn profile.

It would be very good if you can get recommendations from your previous jobs and even from your University or study center to include them in your LinkedIn profile.

These references will be very important for employers or human resources professionals when validating your profile.

Connect with other people

LinkedIn offers the option to connect with other people in the social network .

You can send requests to other professionals in your area, former colleagues or studies and even to human resources personnel, CEO of companies, or other professionals with whom you are interested in connecting.

Write an attractive headline

The owner is one of the elements that are most fixed when viewing your profile, therefore, you must create an attractive headline.

To do this, you must follow a series of tips:

  • Optimize the keyword, as mentioned above.
  • Add some quality (experience in web development, sales experience, knowledge of five languages ​​…).
  • Take care of spelling mistakes.
  • Use the capital letters where they correspond (everything in capital letters may look like you are screaming).
  • Avoid acronyms that are not known. On the Internet you can see infinity of acronyms that can mean very different things. Watch out!
  • You do not have to fill all the space, you can say a lot with few words.
  • Show more than your title, using more content, you can fit more keywords.
  • Do not use the word expert, a series of studies say that this word says very little about you, it is better to show your experience.

Make an impressive summary

One of the qualities that LinkedIn offers is to be able to create a summary of your professional life. Dedicate your time and create an impressive summary that catches the attention of recruiters.

Highlights of experience, achievements, skills

Highlight the experience, achievements or skills obtained can be the difference between your profile and someone else’s.

To make your profile more pleasant, you can add sections to know the experience, achievements and skills. To do this, go to “Edit Profile” and add some of the multiple functions that LinkedIn allows you.

Include your blog

Still do not have a professional blog?

This is the time to take the step. It is very important for your career and it will be an added value for your LinkedIn profile.

Beware of spelling and typographical errors . There is not much to say about this section.

You must review everything written, including your own name, email … If an employer is missing spelling, it will not give you a very good image.

Participate in groups

LinkedIn has a section for groups . Very similar to Facebook groups or Google plus communities.

There are groups specialized in themes, groups of job offers, etc. Select some groups according to your profile or what you are looking for and be active in them to increase the visibility to your LinkedIn profile.

Add your contact information

If you want to be located, you must add your contact information.

Generates multimedia content

If you want to enrich your LinkedIn profile, you can add multimedia content, this will make it less boring than just having text.

You can include photographs, images, videos, info-graphics.  As long as everything is related to your professional profile.

Make sure people can find you

Remember some of the previous points like the url, add keywords, create a good content, it will be the fruit so that they can locate you correctly every time you look for a profile that matches yours.

Point in the skin of the employer at the time of writing.

Post messages and reports

On LinkedIn you can post content just like on other social networks. However, you must take into account that it is a network of professionals , be careful with what you publish.

Leave the content of fun for other social networks.

The messages and reports about your professional area will enrich your LinkedIn profile.

Be Professional

As you write your profile, as well as the photographs you show, it will be a vision that you are giving to employers. Take care of this and be professional.

Always the truth

There are many people who lie in their curriculum . There are also those who do not put everything they know or skills that they have and can become very good for the company that is looking for you.

You have to always go with the truth ahead, if you add something that is not true, they can always catch you and you will show a bad vision of your profile.

Take your time

Take your time to carefully develop your LinkedIn profile and use it as a way to commercialize yourself professionally. If you follow these tips, people who find you on LinkedIn will be impressed and that is important, since they will open new opportunities.

LinkedIn is for everyone

LinkedIn is not a resume where you fill in all the data and forget about it. You have to keep it active. Also, it’s not just for unemployed people looking for job opportunities, it’s also good to have a LinkedIn profile if you’re working.

You never know when a recruiter or other professional can come and offer you the opportunity of your life.

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