5 basic computer tools whose knowledge will improve your CV

Check if you know how to handle the ones that appear on our list and if not … What are you waiting to learn?

  • There are hardly any companies or jobs in which computer equipment is not used.
  • Knowing how to use some office automation tools is essential for any type of job.
  • Increase your computer skills to make your resume more attractive.

Think for a few seconds. Have you ever seen an office without a computer? Maybe until a couple of decades ago it would have been possible but, nowadays, the offices without computers have become mythological places.

Technology has strongly entered the labor market and in all types of companies . The computers use them from the administrative to the bosses. It does not matter if it is a financial or a fashion workshop, even they use computer resources to create prints or patterns.

Technology is everywhere, for that reason you can not allow your curriculum to have shortcomings in that regard. No, we are not talking about knowing how to program or create apps , you do not need to know how to create a website if you are not computer. We refer to a more basic computer management but, without a doubt, you have to have optimized.

How many job offers have you seen in which the  minimum requirement that you must meet is to handle the Office package? It is true that the programs that can ask you to manage also depend on the sector in which you are looking for a job. However, to this day, there are a number of tools that are considered basic for practically any type of company.

Before telling you what they are, we have to remind you of the best way to include these competences within the IT section of your curriculum. Always remember to name the program first and then the operating system in which it is used (Windows, Linux …). Then include the level of knowledge you have and, if you are also lucky enough to have an official certification, include it.

Now that you know how to mention them, we are going to tell you which are the 5 programs that you should manage and include in your next curriculum.

Microsoft Office:

One of the most basic tools. Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook are basic in your CV.



In many occasions you have to manage databases. Oracle is one of the most common tools for this.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office


You do not have to be an assembly expert. But if you have knowledge of basic image editing much better.



Fundamental for the preparation of payroll.



Essential if among your tasks is one related to accounting.






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