John Michie’s daughter Louella Fletcher-Michie, daughter of actor John Michie and Carol Fletcher-Michie, was filmed while dying . It happened in September 2017, while the 24-year-old was attending the Bestival music festival with her boyfriend Ceon Broughton 29. This week, the family of the deceased has testified against Broughton.

BBC reports

Michie from the series Holby City , Taggart or Coronation Street  has stated that it was the young man. Who provided John Michie’s daughter with the drugs the hallucinogenic Tucibi. That caused her a fatal overdose, reports the BBC .

The defense of the Louella family accuses Ceon Broughton of not having sought help for being on parole at the time. Shortly before the events. He had been suspended from a 24-month prison sentence.

Actor John Michie's

Actor John Michie’s daughter

The young woman may have been saved. According to her parents. However, according to the family’s lawyer, William Mousley, Broughton filmed Louella. when she “was upset, agitated and seriously ill as well as when she was already apparently dead.”

In the videos, according to the BBC, the girl can be seen yelling at her boyfriend to call her father. When she realizes the seriousness of what was happening to her. Something to which the boy responded by saying to keep his cell phone.

Carol Fletcher-Michie has stated that that same afternoon. She spoke to her daughter and realized that something was wrong. Sam Fletcher-Michie, brother of the deceased has stated for his part.

That Ceon went on to tell him after what happened that Louella was “extremely dramatic”. And that this had led him to act in that way. The family accuses the boyfriend of murder by failing to ask for the help that could have saved Louella.

Stephen Kamlish, a lawyer for Ceon. Gefends that the young woman had obtained the drug at the festival and before seeing her boyfriend. Kamlish has assured that he tried to save her. But that due to the conditions of the place where the overdose occurred. A mountain near the festival, he did not arrive on time.

According to Stephen Kamlish QC, a Ceon lawyer. Louella got the drug before she met her boyfriend at the festival. Who she says tried to save her when she overdosed. Something she did not do due to the natural conditions in the bush that led to Going out for help was too late.