Saudi authorities have decided to allow Saudi women to see the match by playing stadiums and women will be able to see matches in their stadium next year with their family.

Saudi Arabia

After driving, Saudi women are allowed to go to the Stadium

After driving, Saudi women are allowed to go to the Stadium

The family in three major cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhamam will be allowed to enter the stadium. It seems that Saudi Arabia has regained laws in Saudi Arabia and recently women have been allowed to drive. Observers believe women are allowed to enter the stadium, another important step towards giving them freedom.

Saudi Arabia is moving towards moderate Islam

Saudi Arabia permits ‘driving of women’.  Wali Shah Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is committed to modernizing Saudi Arabia and strengthening the economy. The establishment of sports competitions in Saudi Arabia says that preparations will be made in three stadiums so that they are ready for the family since the beginning of 2018. Under these changes, restaurants, cafes and monitor screens will be installed in the stadium. These reforms in Saudi Arabia are being carried out under the vision 2030 of the economic changes of Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Last month King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a royal decree allowing women to drive for the first time in the country. Concerts in the country are beginning to be held again and it is hoped that there will be permission to show movies in Cinema. Saudi women criticize participation in National Day celebrations. Saudi Arabia announces ‘Jazz Music Festival’

On Wednesday, Prince Mohammad said that the return of ‘moderate Islam’ is important for their project to modernize the country. He said that 70 percent of the country’s population is less than 30 years old and they want a life in which their religion teaches tolerance. But experts say there are risks in the completion of the project. Last month, when the National Day celebration was allowed to attend women for the first time in Riyadh’s Shah-ul-Fad Stadium, then it was criticized by the conservative social media on this move.