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Beats the jetpack world speed record | Iron Man

The British Richard Browning has just won a world speed record with his combination inspired by the superhero Iron Man. Equipped with reactors in the arms and back, he flew a few meters above a lake at over 51 km / h.

Richard Browning is, to this day, the most credible incarnation of Iron Man. The British, a veteran and a great sportsman, has just broken the world record for “the highest speed in a reactor-powered, body-controlled combination,” according to the name created especially by the Guinness Book of World Records, which approved performance.

The feat, which can be seen in a summary in the video below, took place over a lake in Lagoona Park, in the city of Reading (United Kingdom). The pilot had to fly a minimum distance of 100 meters and exceed 48 km / h. He reached the end of the third attempt at 51.5 km / h, before finishing his race in the water.

A combination that weighs 45 kg

Richard Browning’s Iron Man suit is made up of mini-reactors used for model aircraft in the arms and back. These turbines, which can be purchased commercially, are capable of delivering up to 40 kg of thrust. The six reactors of Richard Browning can lift 130 kg. It is the pilot who controls the throttle using throttles. The suit weighs 45 kg.

The most impressive is that there is no automatic stabilization system:

everything is controlled with the strength of the body. Mastering such power requires exceptional physical condition and learning that is at least empirical. As proof, another video, published by Red Bull, shows the intensive training that Richard Browning imposes on himself and the misadventures he has encountered. It’s not for everyone to think of themselves as Iron Man!

Jetpack, or how to fly with propellers in the back!

Some men dream of flying and they fly. Others have kept their childish spirit and invent machines worthy of science fiction. That’s what New Zealander Glenn Martin did with the Martin Jetpack, a 115-pound backpack-like craft that climbs more than 1,500 meters above the ground.

Even stronger: marketing is announced in a year and a half.

It’s after thirty years of research and a series of failures that Glenn Martin finally sees the end of the tunnel. Indeed, successful test for his backpack reactor that flew with a manikin on board! Although the take-off was vertical, the landing was carried out thanks to the parachute normally used in case of emergency.

If we can salute the good performance, Glenn Martin is not the first to have achieved this type of feat. Many of these devices have already flown, but with reactors like the Bell Rocket Belt. Also remember that Fusion Man (or Jet Man) crossed the English Channel on September 26, 2008 equipped with a wing on the shoulders and four small reactors.

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