Carlos Sainz has been confirmed by Ferrari as the new Scuderia driver from the 2021 season. The Madrid driver will replace Sebastian Vettel. Who failed to renew with the Italian team, and will pair with Charles Leclerc . The Spanish contract is for two years , until the end of 2022.

The news comes days after the confirmation of Vettel’s departure and after months of rumors in which the Spanish was always among the first candidates to be a new Ferrari driver .

The 5 great challenges that Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz - New Ferrari driver from the 2021 season

Along the way, he did not miss the opportunity to keep his options to continue at McLaren intact. But before the opportunity to go to Maranello, it was too tempting to miss. Since he is aware that the Ferrari train only passes once in a lifetime. of a Formula 1 driver.

The prestige that Sainz has gained in recent years, first in Toro Rosso. In Renault and especially in McLaren, caught the attention of the Maranello offices to take him into account as a possible candidate if Vettel’s continuity is not guaranteed.

Madrid’s leadership in the restructuring and recovery of the Woking squad has been key to giving him a seat in the Italian team. Where the Spanish flag will shine again six years after Fernando Alonso’s departure .

The Asturian was another candidate for that seat. Like Daniel Ricciardo or even Lewis Hamilton among others. Ferrari has chosen Sainz not only for his youth and potential. But above all for the certainty that he can be a perfect complement to Leclerc. On whom all hopes for the future are placed. Now he will share that responsibility with the Monegasque, who will also be his maximum rival from day one.

Carlos Sainz 3rd Spanish Ferrari

Carlos Sainz will be the third Spanish driver at Ferrari (Ferrari Driver (click here)). After Alfonso de Portago (1956-1957) and Fernando Alonso (2010-2014). His goal will be to end not only the reign of Mercedes. But to return the laurels of success to a team that has not won a World title since 2007. Despite touching it several times with both Alonso (2010 and 2012) and Vettel (2017 and 2018).

One of the keys to the operation has been precisely the substantial financial savings that Ferrari will have with Sainz with respect to Vettel. The German received almost 30 million wages and the Spanish. According to estimates will be around 9 or 10 million something more than what he charged at McLaren.