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Microsoft certification exams The Microsoft exams can take one from the start of the career to the top; these exams and the certification can increase your visibility and can also differentiate you from all the other individuals in your surroundings. Here is how to register for a Microsoft Certified Professional exam that is known as MCP: For Microsoft Office Specialist ... Read More »

Minister: Digitization creates more jobs than it removes

The government makes recommendations for how digitization positively transforms society. (jobs)  There are those who embrace digitization and believe that it will create more jobs, and so there are those who fear the opposite. If you ask Brian Mikkelsen (K), Minister of Business and Growth, he believes that digitization must be embraced, because it creates jobs and prosperity. Tuesday morning, ... Read More »

Danish engineers are tempted by Jobs abroad | job opportunities

The desire to hear about the job opportunities in our neighboring countries announces a more international engineering job market, IDA believes. Engineers’ interest in attending a trade fair for academics about job opportunities in other European countries is so great that IDA’s share of the tickets was torn away in a few days. Many engineers are now on the waiting ... Read More »


Practice and experience a job abroad. Or make a difference through voluntary work abroad. EF gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and strengthen your personal CV with work experience from an international work environment. The EC offers combining language courses with internships, volunteering or work abroad for both young and adult. Working abroad gives not only ... Read More »

Do you dream about a job abroad? Career Malls

There is vegetation in Dublin, in Stockholm, the academic leave is at the bottom. Norway lacks economists, and in Greenland there are constant vacancies. Get fifth about jobs abroad. The most important advice for those who want an international career is: You must not see abroad as one country. This is what Djøf, Thomas Kantsø, chief executive officer in Djøf ... Read More »

Thousands of young people stand without education and jobs

6830 young people in southern and south jutland do not have any jobs or education. At the youth school at Ribe you help the young people who have either dropped out or have not yet started a youth education. Photo: Hans Chr. Gabelgaard. (education and jobs) 6,830 young people from South and South Jutland do not have a job or ... Read More »

Minister: Now the immigrant women have to job

An increasing number of daughters of non-Western immigrants are outside the labor market. At the same time there is a shortage of labor. Time is therefore ripe to get immigrant women in employment, says the Minister for Employment. In 2008, just over half of the women immigrants from non-western countries were employed. Just exactly 51.5 percent. Since then, development has ... Read More »

These 15 companies have the most vacancies right now

The list gives you a top 15 of the most searching companies, for example, the Armed Forces, Siemens, Netcompany, Ramboll and MAN Diesel. The seats are fought on JobFinder’s list of the fifteen companies that thirst for talent and experienced people. The three companies Foss, Gomspace and CSIS Security Group make their first place in this top 15 for the ... Read More »

Analysis: There are too many useless IT candidates

 According to research from three consulting companies, combination training is one of the reasons for the lack of IT talents. Danish ICT programs educate skewly in relation to business needs. While companies are asking for specialists, a large number of ICT candidates complete their education with a diploma of so-called ‘broad’ ICT skills. This is one of the main conclusions ... Read More »

Refugees ready for Job 2017 | Denmark jobs Opportunities

Refugees ready for Job Article 2017: The two refugees from Uganda, Rogers Munyangaji and Tumuhimbise Bishagasha, who came to Haarby last summer, have been diligent students in the compulsory language course, which they have followed in Odense since they arrived. They can read the newspaper and the books they get as homework as they see a lot of Danish television, ... Read More »

THE WORST NEXT JOB Article June 2017

If you simply press the button and register the 8 places you go by in one day, you can, as a permanent photographer, have the world’s easiest job, says Jyske Vestkysten’s photographer Ulrik Pedersen. However, he will not be satisfied with that. (THE WORST NEXT JOB) CASE HISTORY: Like many other photographers in Danish local newspapers, Ulrik Pedersen has 5-10 ... Read More »

No obligation to provide terminated employee another vacancy

No obligation to provide terminated employe another vacancy

A company was not obliged to offer a vacancy to an employee who was arrested due to a lack of work. Termination was mainly because the employee did not have the right qualifications for unemployment. The case in brief The case is about a locksmith, who was appointed on August 1, 2001. He was, according to the employment contract employed ... Read More »

There are now more than 2.6 million | Employees in Denmark.

Eurocard Denmark

 Employees in Denmark: The number of employees in November crossed 2.626,000, thus increasing the number of employees increased by 5,000 from October 2015 to November 2015. “Employment is rising, and in parallel there is pressure on the labor market,” says Peter Halkjær, Labor Market Policy Chief Consultant in the Danish Business Organization Dansk Erhverv. ( Employees in Denmark). “There are jobs ... Read More »

The great changes of the market put in difficulties to the companies of consumer goods VEVEY, Switzerland

The great changes of the market put in difficulties to the companies of consumer goods

VEVEY, Switzerland Nestlé SA has suspended its goal of annual sales growth for at least the next three years, as the Swiss processed food giant struggles with the rest of the industry against extremely low inflation and rapid changes in taste Of consumers. The global giants of consumer goods, once largely isolated from the vagaries of economic times, have sought ... Read More »

The director must acquire jobs and new residents

Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality is seeking a Group Executive Vice President, who will be in charge of meeting the municipality’s growth ambitions. Faaborg-Midtfyn: The prospect of an annual salary on the good side of the million will surely tempt many, but hardly anyone translates the interest into an application. This applies to the position as Executive Vice President of City, Country, Culture ... Read More »

She’s a legendary legend: “They taught me to open my eyes

Elsa Krogh career

Elsa Krogh is almost a legend in the wallpaper world, which she designed for her entire work life. Now she is celebrated in a new book from Kolding Design School, which has portrayed the 50 most significant designers who have attended school. Faaborg: The design school of Kolding celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. That’s why the school has published ... Read More »

Stormed about the construction industry: Many jobs are waiting

jobs in Denmark June 2017

It is difficult to get beseat all positions in the Fynian construction industry. Therefore, the Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality invited the unemployed to the meeting to tell about the good job opportunities in the industry. With a new OUH, Letbanen and Facebook on its way like just a few examples, there are lots of workplaces in the Fynian construction industry waiting to ... Read More »

My thesis in 180 seconds allowed me to get started, to work in the industry | Mathieu Buonafine

Mathieu Buonafine - France - Finale internationale

My thesis in 180 seconds allowed me to get started: Mathieu Buonafine obtained in 2016 the first prize of the jury in the final My thesis in 180 seconds by presenting on stage, in three minutes, in this competition organized by the CNRS and the Conference of university presidents, his work on diseases cardiovascular. Mathieu Buonafine is a doctoral candidate ... Read More »