Cities with the lowest unemployment rate in Spain

Although unemployment remains a problem throughout the country there are some cities whose figures are very low

  1. The municipalities of the northern half of the country have the best occupancy data.
  2. In some cases, the localities with the lowest unemployment rate are also those with the greatest purchasing power.
  3. The figures for cities with lower unemployment are an estimate.

As happens every quarter, the arrival of data from the Survey of Active Population carried out by the INE causes many to hold their breath.

They have been hard years of crisis in which unemployment has increased alarmingly , however in the last two years it seems that this trend has stopped. It is time to start a phase of growth that, while slow, promises to be lasting.

National Institute of Statistics

The National Institute of Statistics does not perform an exhaustive sampling city by city for the quarterly EPA. However, we have enough data to establish an estimate of which cities have the lowest unemployment rate in the whole country. But before stating what these cities are, we must take into account a few constraints.

We have already said that the INE does not take data from absolutely all the cities of the country and that is something to take into account. In addition, this unemployment rate reflects the percentage of unemployed over the number of active population (people between 16 and 65 years working or seeking employment) in a locality. But this last data presents a main problem.

Since many people work in different locations from which these data reside, they have a margin of error . The unemployment data are obtained from unemployed residents in a municipality.

On the contrary, the assets data are obtained from the employees registered in the Social Security in the locality in which they work, and it does not always coincide with the one of residence.

With this in mind, we can imagine that even if they are not exact data, the trend is clear. The municipalities located in the northern half of Spain are those with the lowest unemployment rate . The cities that in 2017 have headed this particular ranking are:

1. Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)

Its unemployment rate is 5.36% (2,405 unemployed). It hardly counts on youth unemployment. The majority of the unemployed are over 45 years of age, long-term unemployed, highly qualified, graduates with at least one language.

2. Boadilla del Monte  (Madrid)

It has an unemployment rate estimated at 5.46% (1,466 unemployed) and is expected to continue to decline in the coming months. In the sectors where unemployment was most reduced during 2017, it was in the Agriculture and Livestock sectors.

3. Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

The municipality has a 5.65% unemployment (2,649 unemployed). After the crisis the municipality decided to establish social policies and invest in the generation of employment with the aim of reaching zero unemployment.

4. Majadahonda (Madrid)

Its unemployment rate of 6.13% (2,304 unemployed). This is another of the municipalities that after the economic crisis decided to invest in the creation of employment.

5. Las Rozas (Madrid)

The fourth municipality in Madrid of this top 5. The unemployment rate in Las Rozas is 6.14% (3,125 unemployed). The city council has established several policies to boost the job search of the inhabitants and thus reduce the figure even more. They have also signed agreements with large companies for the creation of job boards.

Ref: noticias.universia

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