The World Health Organization (WHO) already considers the outbreak of the new coronavirus as a pandemic.

“We have assessed that covid-19 can be characterized as a pandemic,” said Tedros Adhanom, WHO director, on Wednesday.

With a pandemic, a term that the WHO has tried not to use until now to refer to the new coronavirus, refers to an epidemic disease that spreads in several countries of the world simultaneously.

Adhanom stressed that the number of coronavirus cases outside of China increased 13-fold and that the number of affected countries tripled in the past two weeks.

Coronavirus Map: Global Spread, March 23, 2020

This visualization is based on periodic data from Johns Hopkins University and may not reflect the most current information for each country.

Total confirmed cases Total number of deaths
350,445 15,328
Cases Deaths
China 81,496 3,274
Italy 59,138 5,476
USA 35,175 469
Spain 33,089 2,182
Germany 26,220 111
Iran 23,049 1,812
France 16,689 674
South Korea 8,961 111
Switzerland 8,234 107
United Kingdom 5,683 281
Holland 4,204 179