Cristiano Ronaldo – A goal to remember

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo acknowledged that the Chilean marked at Juventus Stadium in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, is somewhat “for the memory”, placed him as the best of all his goals and promised to fight until the end to Be champion again

Possibly the best of my career

“It was a very good game of the team, obviously people are talking a lot about my second goal, it was spectacular, possibly the best of my career , but I want to speak on behalf of the team because we were good, we suffered in the first half and scored three goals At Juve’s home, which is not easy, we play very well and we have a step taken to the next semifinal, “he said in the club’s media.

Cristiano Ronaldo - A goal
Cristiano Ronaldo – A goal

Cristiano confesses that he had been looking for the only goal that he needed to score, from Chile, he remembered one marked with Portugal that the referee did not grant and how he got the idea to try it at Juventus Stadium. “Once I scored with the national team one that hit the post and it came in, it was a similar goal, it’s a little better, it was spectacular, I jumped very high, it’s a goal that is left for the memory, surely my best goal”, said . “I was looking for this goal for a long time, it’s the circumstances of the game, it came out in my head to do it and it went well, sometimes it went wrong but you always have to try, I did it and scored a goal,” he added.

An emotional ovation

The beauty of both caused the Juve fans to cheer on Cristiano Ronaldo in his celebration, a gesture that moved the Portuguese footballer. “It’s one of the most beautiful moments, to see in a stadium like Juve, where they have gone and great players, to applaud you is a top moment.” As a child I always liked to see Juve and applaud leaves me good memories in my heart, I thank all the Italians who applauded me, “he said.

And it ended up marking the challenge of Real Madrid to conquer a third consecutive Champions League. “I continue to support the team, we are together until the end and we are going to fight to win this competition again, we know it is a very complicated task but Real Madrid is used to that and we are going to fight until the end.”

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