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The desire to hear about the job opportunities in our neighboring countries announces a more international engineering job market, IDA believes.

Engineers’ interest in attending a trade fair for academics about job opportunities in other European countries is so great that IDA’s share of the tickets was torn away in a few days. Many engineers are now on the waiting list for the event that took place on Tuesday 3 February in Copenhagen.

But why in general is IDA co-organizer for a job fair to help engineers abroad when Danish companies find it difficult to get enough engineers?

Morten Thiessen, Chairman of the Employee Council in IDA (AR), believes that the answer is obvious:

“It’s quite common member service and is about presenting the opportunities for our members. We are not in the world to take care of the interests of society or business – but to benefit our members. Just like some foreigners want to work here, some Danish engineers want to work abroad, “he explains.

While a similar job fair in 2013 focused exclusively on the possibilities in Norway, the slowdown in the offshore industry means that this year is also focusing on other of our neighboring countries: Sweden, Germany and Britain, as IDA’s Global Department receives many member requests at this time:

»There is an on-going export of Danish engineers abroad. Now it’s no longer Norway, but Sweden, it’s the big buyer. Here, about one Danish engineer is employed a week, “says Morten Thiessen.

The European Job Search Center is in fact two identical half-day celebrations, held in the morning and in the afternoon, respectively. As mentioned, IDA’s share of tickets has been demolished and, according to the AR Chairman, it announced a more global trend:

“More people have blood on their teeth than abroad, and we must expect the future’s labor market to become more international than the current one. Therefore, the fair is not only for unemployed and jobseekers, but for all members, “he emphasizes.

The half-day celebration offers a presentation on searching for jobs in Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK, as well as attendees can meet companies and organizations who can tell you more about what each country has to offer.

IDA concludes the fair in collaboration with Djøf, DM and the Architects, Magisterenes a-kassa, a-kassa Akademikernes, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities. As some of these organizations are harder to fill their seats, all interested engineers are likely to participate.

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