Discover how to do a SWOT analysis and find your first job

Find your first job:

  • Finding a job is never easy, knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you achieve it.
  • Invest time in learning to use techniques and tools that can optimize your job search.
  • Learning to do a SWOT analysis is something that will also serve you for the future.

The time has come to seek your first job but nothing had prepared you for how complicated it was going to be. Yes, you may have thought that there would be some complication, but certainly not as much as the one you found.

Finding our first job is a time that excites us and makes us despair at the same time. Lack of work experience is usually one of the main factors that makes it so complicated. Why do you always want people with many years of experience even for the most basic jobs?

Quiet, it’s difficult but not impossible. Do you already have your resume prepared ? And your cover letter? Did you know that they can say a lot about you? There are many guides you can follow to make both perfect to present yourself as a future worker. Letting you see your skillsand your strengths can make the company in which you are applying really interested in you.

But how? Do not know what your main skills are ? Do not you know what can make you stand out from other candidates? Maybe you need help to find what you are so good at and how much you can do for the company.

Discover how to do a SWOT analysis and find your first job
Discover how to do a SWOT analysis and find your first job

SWOT analysis:

Do you know the SWOT analysis? Weaknesses Threats Strengths. Opportunities. Learning to do it can help you a lot to define your profile as a future worker and, also, to get that job you want so much.

Conocerte yourself is critical to start your job search, so we will help you do your own SWOT analysis. This way you will get your resume to be more complete and to be able to write a better cover letter . The strengths and weaknesses referred to by the acronyms depend directly on you, while the threats and opportunities are external factors. What if we know them in detail?

We have already told you that the strengths depend directly on you. They are your experience , your studies or your achievements. In addition, they include social skills that you can have and are positive, personality traits that can help you … Are you a constant person and love to learn? That can be one of your strengths. You can also include your knowledge of languages ​​and others that are related to the work you want to achieve.

What about the weaknesses ? There are many who do not like to recognize them, but you must take them into account. Try to think of some things that you need to improve. Some weak point in education, some competition that is necessary for the sector in which you want to work but that you lack, or even some language that you think it is necessary to learn.

You see? You have already advanced halfway through this analysis. Now we have to go ahead with the threats . Yes, we know it sounds bad but it’s not that bad. Above all you have to think about what demands the company may have, the situation of the labor market, your lack of experience or the preparation that other candidates may have. It may not be nice to think about it, but it will help you keep your feet on the ground.

You have reached the end and you will end up with a more positive point: your opportunities . What do you have that you can take advantage of to make yourself worthy? A good network of contacts? Or perhaps it has increased the creation of employment and the hiring of people without experience? Maybe you have that competition that everyone is looking for but it is too new to be generalized. Bet on her!

The steps to follow to make your own SWOT analysis are not as complex as you could imagine at first. You just need a bit of your time to reflect and answer those simple questions. Of course, you must bear in mind that, as you acquire experience and continue training, you will have to perform new analyzes to update your profile .

Do you already have yours? So do not delay in reviewing your resume and your cover letter to update them and start sending them to the job offers that excite you the most. Good luck !

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