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Download WhatsApp Updates & Update Messenger

As always, WhatsApp is the top dog among the messengers and through regular WhatsApp Updates, the app will also be expanded in scope of functions. In this guide we’ll show you how to update the messenger on your device (Android, iOS & Exotics) and how to manually install the WhatsApp update. Also, we’ll always keep you up to date on the latest WhatsApp update, so you can always see the new features, features and tricks the WhatsApp team has come up with for you.

Here are the new features, functions and fixes that are being added to the WhatsApp Messenger updates bit by bit. You can also read about the changes in each store. But the WhatsApp team is known not to deliver the most detailed update logs.

Of course we keep you up to date here, as well as in the Android as well as in the Apple area up to date with your favorite messenger. If you scroll down, you’ll also find other articles that deal with WhatsApp and its updates.

Apple users get search functionality for individual chats

WhatAapp IOS Phtoto

WhatAapp IOS Phtoto


Pin / fix chats

With the latest beta version 2.17.164 it is now possible to pin or fix up to three different chats. So you always have the most important chat partners or group chats at the top, so you do not have to wipe first if you’ve dealt with other contacts before. The feature was already tested in March, now it is usable for all beta users.

Pin updates of WhatsApp

Pin updates of WhatsApp

Just hold it for a long time on a chat to mark it. Optionally, you can tap on more chats (maximum 3) and then fix them using the pin-needle icon (at the top of the drop-down list). Now the selected chats always stay in the top position, even if other contacts write to you.

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