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Every 20th young is neither in education nor in jobs | jobs overview in denmark

There is a big difference in where in the country there are the most vulnerable young people who do not have a job or education. ( jobs overview in denmark).

Neither diploma or paycheck in hand.

More than every 20 young people between the ages of 18 and 29 have no education and no job, shows a new report from the Rockwool Foundation with figures from 2014.

It draws a map of Denmark in which the country lives the most and the least vulnerable young people who have been without education and employment for two years.

Jammerbugt in Nordjylland is one of the municipalities where the most vulnerable young people live. There are almost no tenth or 9.5 percent of the area’s youth without a diploma or a paycheck.

There is a lot of education and it is an obstacle to the area’s youth, says Mayor Mogens Gade (V).

“We only have three educational institutions in the area. And it is a challenge that there is hardly enough tradition for continuing education.  (jobs overview in denmark)

Therefore, we have strong cooperation with local education to give our youngsters a desire to educate. At the same time, we are collaborating on a castle course with other education, which is central to the country, he says.

The mayor acknowledges the challenge, but he believes that more young people have started since 2014.

Brønderslev, Lolland and Kalundborg are also among the municipalities that house the most vulnerable, while in the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Lyngby-Taarbæk and Copenhagen, there are fewest. Exposed young people therefore live not only in the country’s outlying municipalities.

Odsherred Municipality in West Zealand is the place in the country where most vulnerable young people live. Here, more than every tenth, or 11 percent, of young people do not have an education or a job.

Anders Vedberg leads the UN Unit in Odsherred, which works to support young people who have difficulty in getting into education. He finds that challenged young people want to educate themselves.

“We see a pattern of the young people we work with. It is typical that they have not had the great support from home. They do not feel like they belong in some places.( jobs overview in denmark)

“Because it may be difficult to attend school. And then you do not have the formal stuff in place, it requires a youth education, he says.

It is both professional, social and psychological challenges that make it difficult for young people to find motivation to educate themselves, says Anders Vedberg.

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