Extraction Chris Hemsworth is an action thriller by the Russo brothers:

Chris Hemsworth cast aside the legendary “Mjolnir” and traded it for a machine gun in the first trailer for his new movie “Extraction”, a film by the Russo brothers, who directed the actor who brought ‘Thor’ to life in both latest movies of “The Avengers”.

In the film Extraction Chris Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth plays the intrepid black market mercenary ‘Tyler Rake’. The Russo brothers are responsible for the script and production, while behind the camera is Sam Hargrave, coordinator of action doubles for the ‘Avengers’ films, who debuts in directing with this feature film.

The film, which was shot in locations in India and Thailand, tells the story of a mercenary with nothing to lose, Tyler Rake, who receives a very dangerous task: to rescue the kidnapped son of a mafia boss who is in prison.

Extraction trailer ( Chris Hemsworth ):

The trailer arrives loaded with explosions, fights and a lot of blood. Along with the interpreter of “Thor” also include actors such as David Harbor and Golshifteh Farahani, among others.

It should be noted that Hemsworth also has ahead of the shooting of a new installment of “Thor” that will be directed by Taika Waititi and that is scheduled to be released in 2021, as well as another film for Netflix, in this case a ‘biopic’ about the star of the wrestling Hulk Hogan.

About the trailer, the film’s protagonist shared a message on Twitter. “Very happy to finally share the trailer for ‘Extraction’ with all of you. These are being a few complicated months for all of us, and we hope that this movie will bring you some entertainment while we all stay at home, ” said the actor about the film that will arrive on Netflix on April 24 2020.