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FIFA entered into agreements on the granting of rights for the broadcast of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Streaming Russia. According to FIFA’s message, in Russia the rights were granted to the consortium “2 Sport 2”, which represents Piervy kanal (First channel), VGTRK (National State television and radio company) and “Match TV”. The consortium will provide full coverage of the tournament in the host country of the World Cup.

In Italy, transmission rights were granted to the Mediaset company, which will show all 64 games on its free channels.

The coverage rights of the tournament in both countries are granted without connection to certain platforms. In this way fans can watch the tournament on television, on the Internet, on mobile platforms and radio.

“We are happy to have taken two more important steps to ensure the transmission of the World Cup in all countries of the world,” said FIFA commercial director Philippe Le Floc’h. “The Russian consortium of broadcast companies did a fantastic job in organizing this summer the transmission of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in the host country of the tournament, we are sure they will help us to convey the special atmosphere of the great football party in Russia. Next year, as far as the Italian market is concerned, we are very happy that Mediaset is our partner and that Italian fans can watch the 64 FIFA World Cup football matches on free TV channels. ”

Welcome 2018 invites readers to remember our great material on the establishment of relations between football and TV since the beginning of their history and their mutual influence.

According to each country, which channels will broadcast the World Cup?

United Kingdom BBC, ITV  (both chains will share broadcast rights of the event)
Ireland RTE
Australia SBS, Optus Sport  (The Australian games will go through SBS while to see the rest you need a subscription to the Optus channel)
France TF1, beIN Sports  (French games will go by TF1 while the rest will be broadcast by beIN Sports)
USES FOX Sports  (in English),  Telemundo  (in Spanish)
India and South Asia Sony Pictures Network  (Sony has rights in countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghansistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, among others).
Germany ARD, ZDF
Other European countries EBU  (several of the European countries will have open transmissions for air television, especially if the party involves their selection)
South America Direct TV,  Sky
Middle East beIN Sports
Caribbean Direct TV ,  Sky

Closer and closer to what will be the next World Cup event, all those who will not be able to travel to Russia to attend the event are already planning to watch it on television at home as comfortable as possible.

The truth is that in order to do so, it is necessary to know which operator, chain or signal cable will be responsible for acquiring the rights to transmit the event in an official way and thus be able to enjoy live the maximum tournament in the world of football.

Thus, important chains such as the BBC, Sky or FOX Sports will be responsible for bringing the World Cup to certain countries with almost exclusive transmission rights, in a business that ultimately is profitable for all the actors involved.

In the case of South America, the two chains responsible for bringing the World Cup will be DirecTV in almost the entire continent and Sky as a Portuguese representative in Brazil. Understanding that the respective rights are negotiated directly with both channels for the cable and air channels that in turn will carry the signal to each country depending on the agreement (TyC Sports and Public TV in Argentina for example).

It should be remembered that all signs that do not have official rights will be largely limited to talking about the World Cup through its usual programs, which is why it is almost essential to have the designated signal.