Globally coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have overcome a new barrier, that of four million. Which represents an increase of one million in the last eleven days. According to data confirmed by the World Health Organization ( WHO click here).

Globally coronavirus (COVID-19) exceed the 4 million barrier

Globally coronavirus cases:

  • The daily evolution of cases officially reported by the countries indicates an increase of 63,139 new cases in the last 24 hours.
  • In relation to the deaths, these rise to 278,892, which represents a daily increase of 8,527, said the Geneva-based agency.

Deaths rise to 278,892, representing a daily increase of 8,527

The wave of the pandemic is very clearly located in the American continent. Which at any moment is going to surpass the total number of people who have been infected by COVID-19 in Europe.

As of March, Globally coronavirus increase:

On April 3 the first million cases were registered. On the 17th there were already two million and on the last day of the same month. They had increased to 3 million. Which means that today we arrived to 4 million in fewer days.

The four million global cases have been reached four months after the first case of the new coronavirus was detected outside of China. Which had informed the WHO of a group of cases of pneumonia. That did not correspond to those known on December 31. .

The most spectacular jump in the last 24 hours has been made by Russia. Which has become the third most affected country with more than 221,000 people with COVID-19. Above the 220,000 in the United Kingdom and the 219,000 in Italy.