Govt jobs in Punjab Saaf Pani Company August 04 2017 | Government jobs in Punjab

Government jobs in Punjab

Jobs in Saaf Pani Company

Jobs in Saaf Pani Company

Jobs in Punjab Saaf Pani Company August 04 2017:

Access to safe drinking water is one of the fundamental human rights. Significant lump of more than 10 million populace in the Punjab territory is denied of safe drinking water office. The Punjab government has concurred the most elevated need to give safe drinking water to the subject in country zones of the region.

Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Program is the lead activity of the Punjab government and on its culmination, more than 56 million individuals in 137 tehsils of the region will have a maintained access to safe drinking water. This billions of dollars program will likewise be a watershed in disposing of water-borne infections, which add to the budgetary misfortunes of the general population.

Punjab Saaf Pani Company -South (PSPC-South) and Punjab Saaf Pani Company-North (PSPC-North) have been set up with the command to create, outline, design and execute ventures for the arrangement of safe savoring water a staged program over the territory.

PSPC-South is searching for a dynamic and result-arranged proficient to end up noticeably the piece of this honorable purpose to fill the accompanying testing position in its mind office.

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