Health insurance Without homeopathy:

The doctor Christian Lübbers demands that health insurance no longer pay for homeopathy. On Friday he wanted to talk about it with representatives of the Technical health insurance. But she said the appointment. Why?
Health insurance recharges homeopathy critics again Medical News 2017

Health insurance recharges homeopathy critics again Medical News 2017

Health insurance Without homeopathy

Should health insurances continue to pay for homeopathic treatments and funds? The ENT doctor Christian Lübbers, on the other hand, mobilizes on Twitter, most recently under Health insurance Without homeopathy (KrankenkasseOhneHomopathie).


“Homeopathy is improperly ennobled if it is applied by a doctor or pharmacist or financed by a health insurance or advertised,” said Lubbers in a conversation with the WORLD. Lubbers wants health insurance companies who explain to their members that homeopathy does not work according to scientific criteria – and therefore can not be reimbursed.

Technician health insurance (TK)

On Friday, Lübbers and two colleagues in Hamburg wanted to talk with representatives of the Technician health insurance (TK) now about their concerns. On Lübber’s side, the former homeopath Natalie Grams should be there, which now turns against her former colleagues and the supposed cure.

But the technicians health insurance has unloaded the critics again. He had hoped until the last to a relent and to the fact that the conversation comes off, says Lübbers. The date has been set for well four weeks, a joint statement was planned. Lübbers also says he hoped to announce the “lowest common denominator” in Hamburg.

For example

For example, that the TK wants to revise their advertising. So that this advertisement does not give the impression that homeopathy could have a real effect for the sick. But it stayed with the cancellation. Why? “There was apparently at the box office the fear that content from the conversation will become public,” says Lübbers. Thus the cancellation was justified verbally. “My interpretation is: In the end, fear outweighed one side. A neutral position on homeopathy can no longer be sustained. “

A spokesman for the Technician health insurance confirmed to WELT that a meeting with Lübbers, Grams and their colleagues had been planned. And yes, they canceled the meeting again this week. There are for the rejection “no substantive reasons, but personal reasons,” said the speaker. He could not say more. A new appointment is currently not planned.