We continue with the news related to Huawei, and that is that the week is leaving much to talk about. It all started when it was announced that Huawei’s future mobile phones would no longer have Android as well as Google Play Store services . Of course the reactions to this fact did not wait, because although the firm wanted to leave its users alone, noting that Google services will continue to work on existing Huawei devices , the truth is that there is much concern among consumers .

But Huawei has a plan. As we announced a few days ago, the Chinese firm would be developing its own operating system under the name of Hongmeng OS , which would have full compatibility with Android applications. Said and done, Huawei has just announced that it has just registered this brand officially . But what is the meaning of this denomination?

What is Hongmeng New OS?

Hongmeng New OS by Huawei

Hong Meng -or also Hung Meng or Hung Mung- is a character in the Taoist text Zhhuangzi , something like a wise man of the time. Likewise, it is also a metaphor that comes to represent the chaos in the myths of Chinese creation. In the modern Chinese language, hongmeng comes to mean the primordial world , what was there before Pangu will create the universe.

Therefore Huawei would have decided to use the name of Hongmeng for its operating system for a simple reason. It would come to symbolize the beginning, ** the beginning of a new era after everything that happened along these days *. The new beginning of a brand that is seeing its sales in Spain plummet but that trusts to be back where it belongs, fighting to lead the global smartphone market.

All this leads us to the following question: what will happen after the 90 days of margin that Donald Trump has given to Huawei? . As we mentioned in episode number three of our Connecting podcast , the current owners of a Huawei phone should not worry, as their phone will continue to work and receive security updates , but not an operating system.

Those who remain loyal to the brand, may choose their new terminals with the operating system of Hongmeng , being able to use many of the applications available on Android. Huawei is fully confident in what it is doing, will its new operating system be a rival to Android and iOS? Only time will tell.