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Aisha Gulalai survive cross-crossing

The more difficult the law of cross-crossing in Pakistan is proved to be ineffective in preventing the trading of horse trading in the country. Under this law, a Member Parliament may lose its seat if:

  • He should resign from his party or be a member of another parliamentary party.
  • He should avoid voting or giving any constitutional amendment against party directives or the prime minister or Chief Minister’s election or non-confidence movement.

In order to prevent MPs from changing political loyalty, many changes have been made in the last 20 years, but the floor crossing process continued

The reason for this is that the unbelievers from each party supported each other’s law in this law.

Shahbaz Sharif, when he was in the attempt to become Chief Minister of Punjab last time, he needed some members of PML-Q. In the dream eyes of the members of the PML-Q members, the joy of happiness was pleased to change the party, but the same rules came to them.

At this time, Muslim League-N and Q’s legal minds headed and they resolved the problem of this problem.

At this time, it was mentioned in the law that if a member changed the loyalty to the party then the parliamentary party filed a reference to it in the Election Commission.

So, so many members of the Muslim League-Q were pleased to change the loyalty that they had changed their name in the name of Unilateral, and the main leadership of the Chief Minister for the Ministry, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Parvez Shahbaz Sharif voted against divine motives.

In order to stop this situation, this law was changed again and it was written that the head of this political party instead of a parliamentary party would send a referendum against a member.

Even though the National Assembly of the Awami Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Awami Tehreek-e-Aisa Aisha Gulalai, escaped from this law. Even though he himself referred to himself as Imran Khan, the head of his party.

But Aisha Gulalai had another way to escape from this law and he supported another small society in this law. The law says no member can vote for the ‘directive’ that comes from the party at the time of voting.

On the demand of Aishan Gulali, Imran Khan could not submit any documentary evidence in which he or his party’s party leader or other leader directed them to direct Sheikh Rashid to the prime minister’s choice. Give it

Now wait for this seminar to wait for a new constitutional amendment. By that time, our intelligent politicians will find a new solution in this law and the flow of floor crossing and horse trading will probably continue to run away from the people.