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How Does Google Adsense Work? What is Google Adsense? | Google adsense earnings per visitor


AdSense is an advertising placement service that is offered by Google, this application or you can say the program is designed for the individuals who are website publishers and want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on the website pages. Through this they can earn money when site visitors view or click on the ads. Ad Sense is a program that allows the individuals who are bloggers and website owners to make money by displaying Google ads but not in a very short span of the time. All of us have probably seen the ads all over the place because they are also displayed in the Google search results. For making money through the Google Ad Sense, these are the following ways:

Clicks: this way is by figuring out that how many individuals have clicked on the ads (you don’t have to do the clicks yourself).

Impressions: this way is based on the number of the page views on the pages or posts with ads.

To make it as basic as possible, first sign up for the account and then add the code of the blog or the website. It’s all up to you that how your ads will look; you can choose it yourself that where they will show and how. After this, once the individual’s reaches to the maximum threshold of $100, then Google will send you a paper check or it will either make a direct deposit into the bank account. If you want to know that if you are eligible or not, then if you use blogger then you can use the monetize tab to set up and manage an Ad Sense account. But if you use self hosted Word press then you can visit the Ad Sense website and then apply for an account. After applying for the account, you will receive a code and then you will be able to place the ad wherever you want. Always keep in mind that if you use free Word press then you cannot use Ad Sense, but you will be able to use Word Ads if you have your own domain. By using the Ad Sense, one does not get rich instantly. Sometimes it takes a lot of months to make just $2 but sometimes you will be able to make 81$ a month, that’s just depends on the way which you use. Don’t make shortcuts, always go through the proper ways and see what it will provide you with. Choose ads that are worth clicking, if you place, uninteresting ads, then it will affect the traffic that you will get. If you want to make more from the Ad Sense then choose search engines like Bing and Google. Use keywords that can help you rank in the top search results and then use relevant ads for Ad sense. The top tip for all the Ad Sense appliers are that never clicks on your own ad and apart from that keep in mind that you should use more than 3 ads block on a single link. Make sure that the clicks your family or friends are doing should not be from the same IP address because Google finds out everything.

Number of countries Top paid countries per visitor Maximum rate
1 Canada $17
2 US $15
3 Kuwait $14
4 Ireland $13
5 UAE $11
6 Australia $10
7 UK $9

Here you can see that google pays what CPC to which country:

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