Guide on How to Search Job:

Within the area in which we are trained. There is a spectrum of possibilities to look for work. Although, due to our way of being, our aptitudes, competences and attitude, there are certain jobs that we would like much more to perform than others. Therefore, The first thing to do when considering how to look for a job is a deep self-assessment to be able to establish. Not only what is the job we would like to do. But the possibilities we have to do it with guarantees of professional and personal success.

How to Search Job

How to Search Job

Know yourself : 

Although it may seem naive, the first thing to do when looking for a job is to know ourselves. Sitting down to establish what we want to do and what we are good at, this can take a lot of time and effort, but it can also help us find a job in which we will fit and in which we can develop professionally.

what do you want? When you start looking for a job write a list of things you want and that you like. Do you like to be in front of a computer all the time? Do you like to investigate? Do you like to analyze and give solutions? Do you like to be in contact with people? Do you like to work with numbers? Do you like to work with children or animals? In addition to establishing a series of activities that you like, it also establishes in what kind of environments and routines you would find yourself more comfortable working. The one in which you have to get up early or in which you have to work at night? Would you prefer the one that offers you a calm environment or the one where there is always movement? In what sector do I want to work?

Once you have solved these two lists #, establish what you are good at.

First, write all the diplomas or certificates you have, whether it is from the university, the school, sports or courses you have taken, detail the type of activities in which you have excelled, as in a sport, repairing the computer … includes everything, not just activities that can be related to work. You must also write any characteristic of your personality that can be very valuable for certain types of jobs. Can you make a decision under pressure? Do you interact well with people? Do you like dealing with children?

Set the type of work you want:

Before establishing how to look for a job. You must define the type of work you want. Write what is the perfect job for you. Including the people you would like to interrelate with, the type of schedule. The additional benefits you would like to be given, etc. Then on a sheet make three columns with the titles of “Requirement”, “Preferred” and “Not essential”, now relate the characteristics of your ideal work in these three columns, for example, if it is very important for you to have a schedule, then “schedule”, will go in the column “Requirement”. if you would not like to work on weekends.

But if you have to do it does not affect you, this would go in the “Preferred” column and finally if you would like a job, where you can go dressed informal, but it does not affect you at all, if not, place it in the last column. Now you know what is fundamental and mandatory for you when it comes to finding a job, what you should find in a job to feel at ease, what you would prefer and what you would like but it is not important. This list should always be present when you read the announcements or when you go to job interviews.

Define what you could contribute to in a job.

Another point that we should be clear about when looking for a job is all the aspects in which we can contribute in a certain job. If you have had some type of work, either in practice or during the summer, list all the characteristics of your personality that you know are positive and add value to a job, such as positive attitude, willingness to learn new things, punctuality, responsibility and commitment to your tasks, ability to work in a team.

To look for that job that you consider ideal, think about what type of profile you think the companies would need. If you were going to hire someone for that position, what kind of person would you look for? Now write the type of skills or experiences you have that would fit into that kind of work. This exercise will help you define the types of work in which you could contribute more as an employee.

Define the type of company you would like to work on.

The last thing we must define when considering how to look for a job is the type of company where we would like to work and this must be one of thoughtful decision, since in it we will spend most of the hours of our working day. Due to the high competitiveness and the low supply of employment, it will happen that, in most cases, it is not we who choose to work in the company we want, but where we are accepted, but there are times when,
When we have the opportunity to choose between several companies to work, we should look at a series of points that will allow us to know the type of company in which we are going to work, such as: the business culture, the colleagues with whom we are going to work, if the position is adapted to our personal needs and especially the professional projection that this one can offer us.