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From JESUS to CHRIST Summary by Career malls

Program 1 is just an overview of Jesus life as well as the Roman e/emperor ruler’s critical thinking and the temple effect on the life of common people. The theory as good as our guess on Jesus life. The year of Jesus birth is not confirmed but it was almost the perfect guess that he was born in 4 B.C.E. he shaped his life from Nazareth as a peasant but with some ideology. He shook the temples foundation by taking a stance against their ruling power. He addressed the common people of that time and told them that the temple is not following the religion ethics as they have to be. This arouse the question on his existence in the society and then Roman Empire turned against him and held crucifixion against Jesus.

Question#1: What was most surprising about the historical information of the program?

The most surprising thing about the information is that it explains in simple meaning that how a peasant from a small village just by standing against the powerful empire of that time. Jesus’s views and ideologies were the main factors behind his crucifixion. At the same time there was another tribe which lived into the sands and has the ideology just like Jesus and it was that the temple religion is not the one which connect the people with God. It was just preaching the people that what Roman Empire is imposing on them is prosper for their stability. While Asseans were against their way of governing that’s why they stay apart from them and their ideas was just as that of Jesus. Also another fact was also there that Jesus history is not visible to us as the Roman or Greek history that is why the clear picture of Jesus views and his lifestyle cannot be imagined.

Question # 2: What difference does it make who really killed Jesus?

The crucifixion of Jesus has different stories behind it. And each story has its own role and characters which involved in the act of crucifixion. Mathews was the governor of the temple in Jerusalem at that time. First stories indicates that Jesus left his peasant and started preaching to people of his town which inspired them in a way that they started following. To increase this movement he moved to Jerusalem because it was the center of the religious activities at that time. He entered in the surroundings of the temple just a week ago. After he claims his ideologies the rulers thought him as a danger to them and Roman Empire held the order of his crucifixion. Then the second story stays with the idea that Jesus started his preaching from Nazareth and some people followed him at start and then his followers kept on increasing in numbers. After two years of preaching caused his crucifixion by Romans.

Program 2 explains the emerging and spreading of Christianity from the way he started inside the Jews community. Judaism was the central religion that time but with the eventual death of Jesus the Christianity started to spread inside the society at a very rapid rate.

Question # 1: Why do the scholars refers to this emerging religion as the Jesus movement instead of Christianity in its early years?

In the early days after the death of Jesus, the people with Jesus ideology started to hiding out from the roman government. They started to preach the messages of Jesus to the community starting from their home instead of going open. That was just spreading in the name of Jesus movement instead of the Christianity because they only convey the message to people in the name of the Jesus.

Question # 2: How did the early followers of Jesus spread his message? How do their messages and methods compare to those used by fledging religion today?

Paul was named as the first who came in the Jerusalem fifty days after the death of Jesus and said that he only know that there is a person named Jesus. He started to learn his ideas and views and found it easy and comprehend for the leading of life. Then after implying his rules on himself he travelled to different parts of the empire and spread the messages of Jesus to other people and he is actually the founder of the religion named as Christianity.

Question # 3: What conditions allowed Christianity to grow as quickly as it did?

Jews was following the religion from the temple from a very early years and when Paul delivered the messages of Jesus to them they found it interesting as well as a beautiful and more convenient way of leading life in a society. He has different ideas of making them baptized with the help of simple method. There was only one rule to pick the clean and unclean souls among the people. There was a different type of food by eating which one can be baptized easily. There was an idea that progresses rapidly that the Jesus will be resuscitating after a time and will baptized the common and clean people from their sins.

Program 3 elaborates the fact that after Christianity starts to spread and made its roots into the Roman Empire the common people and Paul itself wrote down the basic rules by which Christians have to live and follow. In different era different communities and different type of people write down the history and the religious activities of the Jesus. But this story also reflects that it was not all the way same and most of them did not match with other stories and beliefs. The reason is mostly the people write down only the rules and regulations which are only in their benefits and they left the syndicate which was not in their favor. In the era of spreading of Christianity there was Jewish which gave an opponent to that enhancement as well as there was different wars that plays handsomely in its spreading.

Question # 1: Why are there so many different images of Jesus in the Gospels?

Answer: This video reflects the passing of different stories how Jesus treated his followers. Then after his death how his followers and his people started to preach his ideologies through different cities and state of the empire. Then his followers started to think that they should pass on this religion rules and set of ethics to the upcoming generations. And they also think that the societies that are following some other rules of ethics they should also be preached about the Christianity and the beauty inside it. So they decided to write down the history in the name of Gospels. The first Gospels was about the ethics of the Jesus and the Christianity. And each of the Gospel is written by different authors and that is the reason behind different images that are now a days can be seen and witnessed in the history of Christianity.

Question # 2: How are the authors of the gospels are interjecting their own beliefs and circumstances into the story of Jesus? What is the value of understanding how the storyteller influences stories?

Answer: The stories of different authors explains different ideologies and each writer reflects his the beliefs and ideas in his own tone of writing and his own style of beliefs. A person after accepting and implying the ethics upon him. And when he accepted the ideology of the Jesus he reflects this ideology in his own wording onto the pages and create history. But everyone who wrote the book of beliefs differs in his writing styles because he accepted some of his beliefs and has not accepted all the rules and regulations. That is the reason we have different views and ideas in each of the Gospels we witnessed. And hence each storyteller interjects his views upon us.

Program 4 Explains how Christianity faced different kind of challenges throughout their entire era. Roman empires thought Jesus and his ideologies as a force of ideas that is interjecting and spreading heavily in their empire. They thought that Christianity is just a mere a part of Judaism but after just only three centuries Christianity spreads in that sense that it become the biggest religion of the society.

Question # 1: What difference did Rome’s embracing of Christianity make? What impact can a government’s acceptance of rejection of religion have on religion and government?

The roman’s empire accepted Christianity as a religion and started the worshipping and following the Jesus ethics according to it was preached. But there was a difficulty with the government that it took a role to shape the Christianity the way it is now a days. For the first three centuries the Roman’s empire started to accept the beliefs of the Jesus Christ the way it is but after that time they accepted it and made it the government religion.

Question # 2: What religious movement of today could become dominant religious in future? What conditions would be necessary for a religion to grow as quickly as Christianity did?

There are different movement of the religions are started to grow and there are different sects started within the Christianity itself as other authors decided to superimpose there on way of rules so that other beliefs are taking places. But these way of government and religion cannot take place at the same rate of enhancement as it did with Christianity. Christianity spreads at a much faster rate as it is with the religions now a days.

Question # 3: Like paganism, what religious today are in danger of extinction? What steps can a religion take to ensure its survival?

There are as many as steps which are necessary for the survival of any kind of religion. The first step is that one should ensure that the person who is going to spreads a religion needed to have a very strong and organize way of living standards. Then he should spread it to the persons of the low rank and make him beliefs in his rules. Then he needed to inject his strong beliefs into the minds of his believer. And his followers should spreads his message to the other generations by writing his beliefs into their own wording.


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