LaLiga has reported that a total of five positive cases for COVID-19 have been detected , all of them asymptomatic, in footballers of First and Second Division teams , after having carried out medical tests on the minimum essential personnel referred by the clubs to start workouts.


LaLiga confirms that there have been five positives between First and Second Division

All positives are asymptomatic and in the final phase of the disease . The identities of the soccer players are unknown by LaLiga, in accordance with the Organic Law on Data Protection . The results of the tests have also been transferred to the CSD and the Ministry of Health .

The main objective of the tests was to detect cases like these , which without knowing that they are infected, can infect and put their colleagues and third parties at risk. With the tests, according to the protocol established by the CSD, the Ministry and LaLiga, the safety of all workers and athletes is guaranteed on the return to training.

LaLiga informs in its communique the next steps that will be carried out with the five positive cases:

  • “Stay in quarantine at home, doing the same individual physical activity that they have been doing until now, following the club’s instructions, for those who are footballers.”
  • “In the next few days they will be tested again for COVID-19 and, after obtaining two negative results, they will be able to join the training sessions at their club facilities.”
  • “In addition, LaLiga will offer people who live with those affected the possibility of also doing screening tests.”

For the rest of the soccer players and those involved in the return to soccer , the return protocol will continue to be applied to training sessions to guarantee the safety of players, coaches and club employees. Likewise, they emphasize the importance of continuing with the recommended prevention measures in facilities, in their homes and in possible exits that they carry out.