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Lamborghini Third Millennium: the Super Car feature  

Italian automaker Lamborghini has unveiled a bold concept car developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Terzo Millennio is an electric car that wants to explore several new technologies, including the use of super capacitors instead of batteries.


Lamborghini is famous for the very futuristic design of its cars that borrows a lot from aeronautics. Suffice to say that a reflection of this manufacturer on what could be a super-sports electric is enough to arouse curiosity, moreover when we learn that it collaborates with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). feature

The result is the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, or Lamborghini of the third millennium. This electric super-car sports an ever bold and aggressive design that projects us towards a future where the car merges with a spacecraft.

“Automobile Lamborghini is trying to approach the electrification process in an unconventional way, with a concept car that is radical in terms of energy management, bodywork, architecture and design, but which respects the Lamborghini culture. Can you read on the project’s webpage.

Lamborghini Third Millennium the Super Car feature

Lamborghini Third Millennium the Super Car feature

An active body that self-repairs

The collaboration with MIT focuses in particular on the development of an alternative solution to batteries. In this case, Lamborghini wants to create super-capacitors that can load and unload very quickly to produce accelerations worthy of a super sports. These components would work in tandem with the bodywork using carbon fiber nano-tubes that would store energy and replace lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, this body would be able to detect the degradation of the carbon fiber and, potentially, to self-repair. All this is still in the concept stage and it is unlikely that we will see a Terzo Millennio on the road. But Lamborghini seems determined to complete all or part of the ideas presented. The partnership with MIT will last three years during which the manufacturer hopes to achieve concrete results for the system of storage and energy release on carbon fiber nano-tubes. We will follow this project with interest!

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