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Microsoft certification exams

The Microsoft exams can take one from the start of the career to the top; these exams and the certification can increase your visibility and can also differentiate you from all the other individuals in your surroundings. Here is how to register for a Microsoft Certified Professional exam that is known as MCP: For Microsoft Office Specialist exams and Microsoft Technology Associate exams, one has to deliver the exams through academic outlets by registering with them. For all other Microsoft Certification paths and MTA exams delivered through commercial outlets, the individuals have to sign in and select the exam to schedule with Pearson VUE. (Microsoft certification exams)

Here are some other programming language certifications by Microsoft for the web developers:

JAVA script:

In order to get the professional web development title, an individual has to go through the three specialized exams. The exams are named as Java script, Database design and Perl; the exams that are taken by the JavaScript will verify your skills in using JavaScript for client side solutions that are actually the platform independent. Questions are related to form validation, frame targeting and image animation. If you feel that you are unable to achieve the best in this test, then one can avail it through JavaScript Developer Certificate that the W3 schools are offering. While going for this, you need to keep in mind that you should have knowledge in both HTML DOM and Java script. In this exam there are 70 questions and you have one minute for each of the questions, for clearing the test you should have 75% correct answers or marks.


The python tests have four levels, the beginner level, getting more out of it, the python environment and the advanced python. If you feel that it’s a long way to go then you can take a shortcut by going for expert rating route. This would offer you an online test that would be based on the basic python. It would include the text processing, exception handling and web programming as well. This test lasts for 40 minutes and you have 40 MCQ’s, each of the items will have two to eight options and the test is not expensive, it just costs $10 not more than that.


As we all know that there are a lot of certifications available, but only a skilled person is able to clear the MVC test. Some people clear the ASP while they fail to clear the MVC; a good certification program is Microsoft’s MCTS: web application development with Microsoft. NET Framework 4, these things also measure the skills in setting up and deploying the MVC applications. Apart from that, your skills in ASP.NET will be tested in the configuring and extending the section of the web application. This part is the 15% of this exam, another 13% of the test depends upon ASP.NET MVC 2. Among this section, there are the following things, creating custom routes, Creating actions and controllers, structuring an application based on ASP.NET MVC and customizing and creating the views.

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