Minister of Education. The Consell de Govern has approved this Friday. A decree law of urgent measures in the field of education.

To cope with the effects of the coronavirus. Which establishes that, exceptionally this year the application for a place for affiliation. Admission it should preferably be presented electronically.

the Balearic Islands must be made online

Minister of Education ( balearic islands )

This has been advanced by the Government ( Minister of Education ) spokesperson, Pilar Costa. At the telematic press conference after the celebration of the Consell de Govern. Costa, who has been accompanied by the Minister of Education, University and Research, Martí March, has ensured. That the application through the Internet will be made in the schooling processes at the infant, primary, secondary, high school and special education levels.

The enrollment process is for students who finish 6th grade for children. 6th grade for primary school and 4th grade in ESO. Who have to continue their studies at another center attached to their school of origin. The admission process on the other hand, is a process open to all students. Who want to change schools or join the educational system.