The third squadron of the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment and the Light Dragoons Regiment of the British Army made their way to Poland on Tuesdaywith combat equipment and troops via Germany.Three activists persecuted them in the Saxon Frankenberg and Mittweida with video cameras.

The films are exclusive to us.

The starting point of the troop relocation was the US south camp in Vilseck, Bavaria, the so-called Rose Barracks. However, delivery notes on military equipment show that vehicles were also moved from Grafenwöhr. They are to support the US-led combat battalion in Poland and replace the second squadron of the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment, as it is called from US military circles. NATO had decided on such a rapid deployment and deployment of combat battalions at its summit in Warsaw in July 2016.

Exclusive videos NATO and US operations against Russia - Massive military movements by Saxony

Exclusive videos NATO and US operations against Russia – Massive military movements by Saxony


To deter and, if necessary, ward off a supposedly threatening “Russian aggression”. Four multinational combat battalions in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland were created in this way. Thousands of military equipment, including tanks and combat helicopters, as well as weapons and soldiers, have deployed the Western nominal Defense Alliance for their deployments to the countries of destination. The operation is titled “Enhanced Forward Presence”. The United States is in charge of the Polish battalion of battles, Germany those in Lithuania – more precisely, Panzer Grenadier Battalion 371 is entrusted with this.

The US Army also launched Operation Atlantic Resolve in 2014 in Europe, also allegedly opposing threatening “Russian offensive action”. Military operations are taking place in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. At the beginning of the project, more than 2,500 US war vehicles landed in Bremerhaven. There were also over 4,000 additional US soldiers. There were protests in many places. The troops are scheduled to rotate on the border with Russia for nine months to ward off the possible “Russian aggression”.

Critics see European peace threatened. The troops are rotating steadily, as the NATO-Russia Founding Act prohibits the “advance defense alliance” from stationing substantial combat troops permanently on Russia’s borders. Nine more months are over now. Thus, the US Armored Brigade “3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team” dispatched to Europe from the US Infantry Division of Fort Carson will depart early this year. There is a new, the 1st US Infantry Division from Kansas, which reached Bremerhaven at the end of September.

As a result of the two anti-Russian operations, massive military movements are currently taking place in Germany. In many German cities, the sudden massive military presence caused a stir and concern. A group of three men from Frankenberg in Saxony, so-called hobby spotters, have committed themselves to the detection, the persecution and the documentation of this massive military transfer to the east. The British and US troops stopped at the Frankenberger barracks. So alone in the period of three days, from 10 to 12 October, arrived in the city with 14,000 inhabitants hundreds of military vehicles and driven through. In Mittweida, about 15 kilometers away, a long train of the Deutsche Bahn stopped with tanks and other military vehicles of the US Army. US officials explained to the transport that they were tanks of an infantry division, which was stationed as part of “Atlantic Resolve” in Poland. The device will now be driven to Bremerhaven to return to the US. RT Deutsch, the recordings are available exclusively.

On the first day – US military arrives in Frankenberger barracks. In the course of the day, new tanks keep coming in and leave the city for Poland. In addition, a US armored train stops at Mittweida station:

Day 2 – Further transports through Frankenberg.

Day 3 – Several convoys of tanks, Humvees and large military vehicles pass through the town:

But not all military movements can be explained. In Reichenbach, a hobby photographer took pictures of an armored train full of implements without insignia on October 5th. Neither the Deutsche Bahn, the US Army, the Bundeswehr nor the Ministry of the Interior in Saxony gave enlightenment. Only one Federal Police spokesman said they were NATO movements