The technician ‘blue’ was satisfied with the result but did not like too much the way his team played. Even so, Chelsea now knows how to win suffering

Chelsea victory against Slavia:

Chelsea achieved a sustained victory against Slavia in Prague that brings you closer to the semifinals of the Europa League . The ‘ blue ‘ box did not play its best football, but it showed that little by little it is settling down and that it is even capable of suffering and hitting the first change, as the bigger teams do. “I am very happy with the result and the performance. At this moment we can suffer when in the past we could not in complicated matches. In the past, when we were in trouble, we immediately conceded a goal. Now we can fight, “said Maurizio Sarri after the meeting in Prague .

The rival did not call to play especially well because of the enormous pressure exerted but the most important thing for the Italian was to get a result that would allow him to face the return with guarantees. The 0-1 is a more than satisfactory score considering the level of both sets and that the return is in Stamford Bridge : “We knew that playing very well here was very difficult. The Slavia is a very physical and aggressive rival, so we had to face these conditions during the match. We were able to do well and then in the second half we could play better. ”

There is still the second leg, where Chelsea hope to maintain the advantage: “Now we have to think that the second leg will be complicated. This type of opponent is very dangerous, as was the Genk . We have to be careful. ”

In Prague, Sarri allowed himself the luxury of leaving one of his untouchables on the bench, including Hazard . The Belgian, who in principle should not play minutes, had to leave in the second part to be able to take the match. Sarri did not want him to play to give him a break in the face of Sunday’s game against Liverpool , one of the big favorites on the European agenda.

Now we can suffer without conceding goals - Sarri