There were numerous factors that changes the course for ethics, religion, racism, gender, economic and geographic factors in America but civil war will be the much frightening of all. It was the major enemy behind the public liberty because it produces the germs for every other change to happen. The war seduce the minds of the people aided with the inequality of fortunes and opportunities of fraud also increases if the state of the war prolonged over a larger span. War needs army and ultimately it will bring taxes and debts upon the nation. Because to feed the army and providing them with specific equipment costs little much than expected and ultimately it brought debts to the nation which give rise to the taxation in the society. The moral values and manners and ethics of the nation are degenerated. The freedom of the nation is at stake if it facing continues war.

Defend freedom

War is the only case in which a country fights for its freedom to free themselves or else they fight against an aggressor to defend freedom. The reasons behind that war will dangles the peace, normal conditions and voluntary actions and deeds and that is usurpation of liberty. War affects the liberty at almost all levels whether it is individual, societal, economical or international. It creates a chaos inside the country and relate to many enlistment like curfew and blackouts in the country, constantly changing the economic policies and foreign policies, altering the government agenda to handle all the problems, it limit the right of speech and gatherings, surveillance of the citizens. These are all common means of usurpation and the dreaded of all is the debts and taxes. Even though that’s all destabilize the liberty and freedom of the nation but the founders of the constitution were aware of the fact that war has demolished the freedom and by keeping in mind that fact they provide a constitution which boost up the soul of freedom up to its highest level.

American constitution

American constitution was many times abandoned due to the results produced by the war. Many philosopher blames the constitution of the Congress and their policies lead towards war. But only few have the courage to say it will not be wise to say that it was just a single person action that lead towards war. There were instances where congressional approval was required like warring in forests of Vietnam, defending South Koreans from North Koreans, invading in Panama, Warring in Iraq and many others. There are points through which we can defend the congress plans and action but it will be fair to say that they were sometimes illogical and fragile. Congress dealt with the ultimate conditions almost four times in the history where they imposed war. On these four instances three are resolved on a peaceful note by the elite members of the country but at one instance war was resulted when Spain refuses to take his troops back to Cuba. This was handles with the help of military. Congress decision making always affects the constitution and state of the country whenever it comes towards war. But it will be well said that war is always a danger to moral values in a republican society. Two examples are stated in the following to strengthen these views.

The Mexican American War :

Rio Grande River was claimed by the American’s

Administration as their border but this claim was disputed by the Mexico. Despite of handling the matter with table talks they decided to march their troops against the Mexican army. Congress provided with the material resources and military required to pursue war. The troops were handled superbly under a high class leadership that they entered the Mexican border inland and occupied Mexico city. But the fortune was with America they not only regained the Rio Grande River but also attain the cities like Nevada, Arizona, California and New Mexico. But it still was not the full payment of the causalities and the lives they lost.

War and Liberty in America -2

World War I:

The new era can be appreciated in high class of modernization but the World War I blew up all the hold up and left America stranded for a very long period. And the worse thing was congress was asked once again to take a decision of war and they were up to the task. It is a fact that U.S fought solely against all the allies. World war changed the economic, domestic, cultural, societal and environmental state of the country. There were many propaganda followed in that period. Many agencies provide aid and gave many slogans to better the atmosphere of the country.