If the union of two companies or sectors experiencing. One of their best moments were the addition of their successes. There would be no doubt that the sum of TikTok and eSports is an agreement bound to victory .

The first is the fashion social network. between January and March it has had 315 million downloads. That is, the absolute record of installations for any application in all history. Everyone wants to be a tiktokker , even some who, by age, seem more prone to other types of entertainment.

Partnership of eSports and TikTok - 315 million

Electronic sports, meanwhile, are also sweet. As one button shows. The number of viewers on Twitch. The leading video game streaming platform, has grown 80% in the past five months.

TikTok and eSports

What can go wrong with the union between TikTok and eSports? Apparently nothing, but we will be able to verify it very soon. According to the information (click here) published in Usa news posts (click here). The eSports and video game company ReKTGlobal has partnered with the talent management company TalentX Entertainment. To work on the entry of eSports in the social network.

Obviously, it’s not TikTok’s first contact with the entertainment industry. eSports organizations like Team SoloMid, 100 Thieves or FaZe Clan have verified accounts. And companies in the esports sector such as ESl or Riot Games have created hashtags in the application. Even the latter – according to The eSports Oberver – invited the creators of TikTok to the finals of the League of Legends World Championship.

 TikTok and video games: challenge in Fortnite and Lol or Rocket League championships

TikTok’s relationship with eSports is also part of the fashion social network users themselves, since, in the words of TalentX Entertainment co-founder Jason Wilhelm, “many tiktokkers are massive players . ” It is demonstrated that it is increasingly common to see users who record themselves playing.

In January of the current year, TikTok, together with Epic Games, launched the ‘Emote Royale’ contest . It consisted that the best dance on the social network would become a Fortnite movement .

In addition, together with the Collegiate StarLeague (CSL), they have launched – since last May 9 – the TikTokCup. With competitions from League of Legends, Rocket League, CS: GO and Fortnite and broadcast on Twitch.

It seems evident that users will have to get used to the fact that, more and more habitually, eSports appear among the trends of TikTok .