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Project on Digital Shoppe (Chapter 1) ASP.NET MVC, 5 MS-SQL Server 2014 | Introduction & Existing System

Digital Shoppe Project ASP.NET MVC, 5 MS-SQL Server 2016


This project Digital Shoppe is designed and developed to provide a shopping website for people who want to do shopping at home and demands to get products at their door step. The project is divided into following three major actors: administrator, guest and customer. First one is author of the project who performs all the major operations in the website. The major operations are views all users’ record, edit record and can delete record. Second one is guest, who visits website but cannot enjoy all the features of website until unless he/she has an account on it. These features include online purchasing option, updating to his/her account and reporting system. Reporting system is actually describing all the history of orders that a customer made. Third one is customer who does not only visit website but also enjoy the features which a guest cannot. I have used MS-SQL as database server and Visual Studio as development language.

This chapter will briefly describe the project overview its goals and objectives. It gives a comprehensive detail of the domain and challenges that this project has:

Chapter 1: Introduction & Existing System

Project Introduction:

Internet makes life simple and innovative. People are doing business online and
trade has become more easy and fast due to this. Internet provides new ways to
promote business. Website becomes the essence of online business as to show
their services and products. In today’s busy life, online stores are easy to navigate and browse for possible purchases, these stores may also discuss business conditions and a complaints Procedure. Digital Shoppe is an online shopping website for users who want to buy products online. Online Shopping is significantly popular due to availability of products at single click. Important factors which lead to certain buying behavior are price, convenience and time saving.

Main Theme:

The basic purpose of this project is to provide ease with the shopping of Laptops and Mobiles. Development of Digital Shoppe website is quite beneficial for the Customer as well as for the Business Owner. Customer can buy products at any time, while owner will have the exposure of E-Business for his investment.

Scope of the Project:

Websites are driving force of information, communication and business in this modern age. Manual maintenance of record for any system is difficult and time consuming, also it is difficult to maintain the record of customers, customer’s order and staff manually. This project will overcome the difficulties faced due the manual system. Keeping in view the customers need and demand for the Laptops and Mobiles, the website has different interfaces for interaction with the system. Goal is, to provide a system to the user that he/she can easily understand the working of the system. Shopping cart is one of the important feature provided in online shopping websites, where customer can see the products he/she has ordered, so they may discard selected products.

This covers the following aspects.

  • Visitor View
  • Customer record
  • Security of the whole system.
  • Maintaining records of the Customers
  • Comprehensive Database

Objectives of the Project:

Following are the basic Objective of my website

  • Data security.
  • Data Consistency
  • Authenticity
  • Ease of Business Analysis (Reports)
  • Minimization of manual work load
  • Data Accuracy
  • Quick data/order processing

Introduction to Organization:

Choosing a Laptop, Computer, Mobile or other digital accessory can be a challenge as there are so many different ones to choose from. Digital devices are everywhere and almost everyone has, regardless of if you are a student, a business person, and these products are now almost essential ones that you should own.

Digital Shoppe provides that best suits you, our motto is “The Choice is yours” but all we provide is the best quality of products. Digital Shoppe is a vast retail network providing Laptops, Desktops, Mobiles and accessories. This shop was established in 2004 with a vision to revolutionize the market by providing quality products. Digital Shoppe (Pvt) Ltd is Shopping center with collection of different brands of electronic products. Initially started with small desktops systems but today DIGITAL SHOPPE is diversified digital products sale business.

Organizational Setup and Structure:

Digital Shoppe is the shop of electronic products and accessories in Multan. It provides Laptops, Desktop Computers, Mobiles and their accessories of different brands. Digital Shoppe is the well-equipped shop with digital products. This Shop maintains the smooth working environment. Shop has all the latest collection of products.

Main Aim and Work Environment:

In Digital Shoppe, Customers enjoy their visit. Customer does not face any type of difficulty during their visit. Customers come to Digital Shoppe center, visit here and view the available products. If they like something then they just select it. If a customer wants some kind of variety in product then they just ask to the guiders. If the required product is available, then guiders give it to customer otherwise guiders told them when the required product will come. If customers want to buy the product then they just select it. After selecting the product, customer goes to the reception where receptionist gives a bill to customer after login through system. Now customer pays the bill either through a debit card or through cash.

Digital Shoppe -Policy:

Digital Shoppe has the following product policy,

  • No refunds allowed.
  • Sales invoice is essential for exchange.
  • Exchange within 14 days if product is unused.

Record Maintenance:

In Digital Shoppe, all the records of customer and managers are maintained in a system.

The following records are maintained,

  • Customer Order Number.
  • Customer Payment Method.
  • Customer Purchased Products Detail.

Conclusion and Future Prospectus:

Performance of Digital Shoppe with manual maintenance of record indicates many complications. Manually carried out work contains mistakes and errors in organizational record. Now a days, Technology has changed the life style of peoples from communication to businesses, most of the time people have to deal with these digital devices. Digital Shoppe website will improve people’s life management by saving their precious time through facilitating them with the purchases on the single click. This project will not only bring ease for the customers but also for the business owner. Digital Shoppe website will help owner to step into the E-Commerce world, where sales and purchases are performed through Internet.

(By: Soft, Enginer. Hafiz Muhammad Usman)

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

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