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Recap IT: Renault puts on Workday, Google tracks users via GSM relays, Vote for 2017 IT personality

This week, we learned that Renault was following in the footsteps of Nissan by also relying on Workday’s SaaS HR solution worldwide. Another news that has marked our minds, the confirmation that the intrusion of Google knew no limits since it still tracked the users who unchecked the Geo location of their terminal through GSM antennas. HPE turns a page with the upcoming start of Meg Whitman replaced early 2018 by Antonio Neri. Finally, we invite you to vote for the selection of the IT personality of the year 2017.

After Nissan, Renault deploys Workday worldwide for its HR:

After a deployment at Nissan, Renault installs in turn the cloud software Workday. During Workday Rising, Alfonso Díez David, Director General of Global Digital Human Resources at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, reviewed the implementation and lessons learned.

Vote for the IT personality of the year 2017:

Behind the digital transformation in companies and the burst of start-ups that develop in the French landscape, teams are at work. Le Monde Informatique’s editorial board invites you to elect the personality that has distinguished itself this year by its actions or projects. Vote!

Google admits tracking the GSM location of Android devices:

The frenzied data mining operated by Google no longer seems to have a limit. The Mountain View firm, which is not a telecoms operator, has been collecting since the beginning of 2017, the position of Android devices even when the location function is deactivated.

Meg Whitman leaves a restructured and diminished HPE:

Six years after his arrival at the head of the great Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman today leaves a company – HPE – reduced to its only infrastructure activity. She will be replaced as CEO by current HPE President Antonio Neri on February 1, 2018.

Face-to-face FlexPod / Exalogic: users give their opinions:

On IT Central Station, IT professionals, themselves users of converged infrastructures, say what they think about Netapp FlexPod and Oracle Exalogic solutions.

AWS Enhances Face Recognition Service:

Amazon has enhanced its Rekognition image analysis service by providing real-time searches for tens of millions of faces. Up to 100 faces in a photo can also be recognized against 15 previously.

Massive data theft at Uber: 57 million pirated accounts: The transport company Uber announced that it had been the victim of a massive theft of data in 2016. Information on customers and drivers were sucked by pirates .

Interview Thierry Carrez, Engineering Director of OpenStack:

“We are working on integration with Kubernetes”: On the occasion of the OpenStack Day France held on November 21st in Paris, the Monde Informatique editorial board was able to maintain with the engineering director of the most popular open source cloud framework worldwide. The opportunity to take stock of the lack of integration with Kubernetes, the challenges of multi-cloud migration, but also the viability of OpenStack forks and the rise of Chinese contributors at the time when those of HPE left the ship.

Platform IoT Vantiq sets out to conquer Europe:

To help companies deploy and exploit their IoT resources more quickly, start-up Vantiq has developed an aPaaS solution that promises to simplify the creation of applications capable of capturing and analyze real-time data from sensors and actuators.

Microsoft helps migrate applications on VMware to Azure:

In the face of its public cloud rival, AWS, Microsoft is taking out VMware virtualization on Azure and Azure Migrate to help companies migrate their VMware applications to its public infrastructure.

Symaps laureate of the Tech In France start-up contest:

On the occasion of its Fundmeday event organized on 20 November at Station F, the start-up Synaps and its BtB geo localisation SaaS platform based on machine learning was awarded the start-up grand prize awarded by Tech In France. Four other laureates were distinguished: Artifakt, Clevy, Lifeina and Skillbase Solutions.

Salesforce reaps the benefits of its vertical-oriented CRM strategy:

In the strong Q3 2017 results released this week by SaaS Salesforce solutions provider, financial services and healthcare-specific products are emerging growth engines, not to mention international sales.

Under pressure, Altice must sell assets:

Fortnight fortnight for Altice which sees its low cost expansion strategy hard sanctioned by investors. According to the Financial Times, the operator Altice is seeking to sell its telecom business in the Dominican Republic. A sale announced while the share price still sinks a floor Friday, November 24.

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