The module on Reconciliation between work and family life of the Active Population Survey (EPA) published by the National Statistics Institute (INE) in 2019, reflected that almost half of workers (49.55%) could not modify the previous year their working day to be able to assume responsibilities related to the care of other people.

In any case, the current model caused by the pandemic also does not favor conciliation, as Casero warns, who defends that this option “must start from the freedom of the people.” “I hope that neither the fundamental right of conciliation nor the desired organizational model of teleworking is demonized, in which we will always insist on its partial nature because the worker (and the company) also require human and physical contact. Hence, they must be voluntary, partial and agreed, “he adds.

Work from home due to corona - This is not reconciliation or teleworking

“Not because we telecommute we are going to reconcile better because reconciliation involves respecting working hours, making it more flexible, and in these times of crisis there is still a way to go. Promoting reconciliation requires more structural changes,” he concludes. Sainz.