Self-diagnosis using Internet – Official Research about Self-diagnosis Advantages and Disadvantages

The article is actually a conclusion about the practice that is getting common and used worldwide using internet as a tool. And this practice is whether internet is really a helpful tool in diagnosing a disease or the information are mostly are rough enough that it can harm whether you are unaware its causes. The article is basically a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the self-diagnosis using internet. And this article is emphasizing on the internet user which like to diagnose his disease and find a doctor or the remedies on different website data. The advantage of this self-diagnosis is that you can find the solution of your problem easily and within few minutes and with just few clicks. But the advantages and the results are much worse than we can expect. The main disadvantage is that most of the data provided on hundreds of websites is just rough or arranged. Self-diagnosis gets harmful rather to be beneficial for the user. So in this article we would confer how the self-diagnosis should be done by getting the desired results. A lot of websites sources are providing data regarding self-diagnosis providing health tips but the problem the world and the user facing right now is that whether we should adopt it or not. It is ideal to have this solution as a permanent replacement of the doctors and the problems that we will face doing that. Let’s assume a situation that we are doctor free and also the paper and documentation free scenario so we do not have to pay for their fee as well as do not have to pay on and off for our condition. So if this works in our favor we would not have to deal with all these doctor-patient word stuff.

Self-diagnosis using Internet
Self-diagnosis using Internet


Self-diagnosis is the way to diagnosing or distinguishing about medicinal conditions of someone. When we diagnosing about any medical condition from internet stuff or you can say some time we might be helped by books, lectures, article, researches and other medical content which uploaded on the Internet “self-diagnosis using internet”. The world is getting modern and technology is improvising day by day. The world needs are getting are more attention than it was in the past. And internet surfing is the main aspect of that technology. Internet made the world a global village and now people are more connected to each other with the help of this invention. World demands are increasing day to days and everyone wants to solve his problems and also trying to save time as well. And our research and article is basically providing information about the information sharing on internet websites regarding personal diagnosis.

Health safety is a necessary requisite for everyone and everyone is looking for better health. In this regard we contact to the best doctor to avoid any difficulty regarding health. To avoid time consumption and money people are now diagnosing themselves using internet which provide them with a lot of data and answers to their needs within seconds. This article is emphasizing on the benefits and disadvantages of self-diagnostic and also concluded what should be done to avoid any effects on the society. As if we can achieve this goal it can help us grow more efficiently.

The internet be responsible for us with access to info, yet among those pursuing health related information, there is an alarm that serious health information can either be misjudged, undependable or both. Self-diagnosis using the internet is a specific concern if patients are consuming the internet in the place of a physician. Consequences from this study can apprise healthcare professionals about college genius, staff and student acuities regarding use of the internet to self-diagnose prior to seeing a prime physician, as well as inform future study of this marvel.

The internet delivers us with access to data, yet among those in quest of health related evidence, there is an alarm it can be misinterpreted, variable or both. Self-diagnosis using the internet is a specific concern if patients are using the internet in the place of a physician. Results from this study can advise healthcare specialists about college faculty, staff and student acuities regarding use of the internet to self-diagnose prior to farsighted a primary physician, as well as report to future study of this spectacle. With the Internet growing over the years, it has led to much development in our society. Having right of entry to a wealth of knowledge each and every time we turn on our computers can be helpful in so many ways. Now, the reaction to any question can be bring into being at the type of a small number of keys and click of a button. But, with this prosperity of information comes significance. Health information is in large quantity on the World Wide Web, provided that people with the occasion to explore their health from the luxury of their homes. Unluckily, not everyone is skilled to be seeking out their own prospective diagnoses from web catalogs. Those who are under educated in both reading and computer technology can be controlled off target. Not only could they misdiagnose themselves, but they could also endeavor to treat themselves. Western medicine has been around for extended than evidence-based hospital management, but it is not always as in effect or safe.

The widely held of the population have access to the Internet on a daily basis. There are computers at home, at labor, and in schools. As the Internet has full-grown, it has led to great endeavors. Being able to type in your indications in a symptom organizer and get a list of results can help people get a slight clutch on what their situation might be. There has been wide research on the use of online databases focused towards help, but not much has been done on what occurs after the search.

Research Topic:

The topic of this research is basically whether the internet is really a helpful means for a patient who is looking for his medication or is just a waste of time. In this whole article we will debate on the benefits of using internet for self-diagnosing a disease and how it is important and should be implemented in the society. While on the other hand the drawbacks of using internet for this process.
Also we will provide with the ways how this process can be improved and how one can easily diagnose himself using internet by just giving his ailment and asking some simple questions regarding his situation. This research also conducted by different websites and they mostly have conclude that a websites should install a small procedure to diagnose his patients using internet assistance.
In the later part of the research the outcomes are also described in details along with the consequences it can have on the life of a patient trying to diagnose himself using internet web. The questions which can arose in one’s mind are also stated and discussed like which websites or sources are more reliable as compared to others and why.


First we would like to take a look on the strong points of using internet web for self-diagnosing. There are some following benefits of using internet for self-diagnosis like;

Main Advantages:

  • Easily available across the world
  • Anytime availability of the material
  • Any answer is just a few clicks away
  • The data required is increasing day by day for user
  • A user friendly method
  • Highly qualification or skills are not obligatory in this regard
  • No paper work is involved in any stage

Now we would describe briefly each one these advantages one by one whether is true or not in this case of research. The first benefit is right quietly as you can access this kind of information all across the globe whenever you need. The other point is valid too as time restriction is not an issue in this regard because you can do that at your home office or in trains as well. Anything can be search with just few clicks and the answers with all the required data will be in our sight just by these few clicks and we can acquire any kind of information.
The increasing amount of data on the internet according to self-diagnosing is hugely and constantly added at a daily routine which is also a plus point is this case. And this type of searching is user friendly too as you do not have to be a smart or extra efficient in this regard as you just have to read the facts and figures and work accordingly with no harm done. For this procedure your education or qualification will not create a hindrance also as you do not have to provide your degrees at that scenario. One of the last point is emphasizing the bigger problem that world is facing right now which is paper work and documentation of things. In this type of progression no paper work is required you do not require any letter head also.
So the above mentioned points are basically emphasizing on the role of using self-diagnosis using internet and hence they are satisfying as far as a less educated person is concerned for his health issues and search for their cures online.

The symptom managers that were evaluated tended to be too careful, inspiring users to seek care for circumstances where waiting at home might be practical. The examiners noted that this inclination toward predictable advice refreshed people to seek unnecessary care — a result that health care restructuring strives to lessen in order to lessen healthcare charges for the patients.;
For instance, if you had an abrupt onset shrill pain in the mid of your chest going to your back, don’t just type “chest pain” in google search, type “sudden onset sharp pain in the middle of the chest going to the back.” This will force google to find a thorough blog post about a particular sickness with this exact type of chest pain. If you simply type “chest pain”, google will most likely send you to a WebMD item listing 20 likely causes of chest pain.
You can try the above example and associate the variance in the search results that google gives. The comprehensive query will give you detailed high class answers. The little query will give you “popular website” with general, non-specific answers. People that get their analysis from the concluding have given “internet self-diagnosis” a bad name.

Main Disadvantages:

But there are a lot of issues also created in this type of online searching for medication. And at this part we would list all the disadvantages it carries and all the problems that a user who is diagnosing himself will face. The following are the main disadvantages of using internet as a tool for health improvisation and self-medication.

  • Most of the data is rough and irrelevant
  • Not related to the facts and figures
  • Stuff does not come from a reliable source like doctor
  • Can cause harm whether prove to be healthy?
  • People are just piling up the data without evidences
  • The choices are more than one and all are different from other
  • Proof is necessary otherwise it will be harmful for those who does not any specific knowledge

Now let’s have a debate on whether self-diagnosis using internet should be implemented or not? And what damage it can cause to the society if it is done on regular basis.
Health is a serious issue for anyone but the first disadvantage is pretty shocking regarding that. If you are provided with rough data you cannot analyze yourself properly even you can done any harm to yourself also. The other thing is that you have to search a lot to get proper answer for your scenario and that can prove to be time consuming and also confusing also as you are not sure which one to follow and which one certified. Certification of the information is also not kept in mind in these websites. When you have any kind of problem regarding your health you consult a specialist doctor which give you medication accordingly but in case of internet searching you are not sure whether the info you get is really coming through a doctor.

These days most of the owner of these kinds of websites are just piling up the data without having proper check and balance just to make more money by their user which is the worst case scenario. And if a user is following any website regularly it can fall into critical condition by their data. If one health is searched online hundreds of websites have the answers for that which is a good thing but the problem starts when you see choices more than one and every next option is applying a different approach and technique to your problem. And choosing in these kinds of situation becomes extremely difficult for the user. As you are not sure whether you should trust or not and if you trust then which one to trust. And one last thing is that there is not a proper certification of the source that whether the information coming to you through different websites is actually coming from a doctor or not.

In the meantime, if people are allocating with one problem while pay no attention to the real foundation of the issue, they may find that their original grumble grows much vital. For instance, people who assume they have a brain tumor might start to tryout in drug abuse in order to mark the pain disappear and bring it to a bearable level. They may have faith in that they’re suffering from a deadly illness and therefore don’t have long to live, so there’s no motive to be clear-headed.

Self-diagnosis also contests the role of the doctor, which is not the best way to start a medical bond. While doctors are generally very keen about getting packaged information and your theories on what could be ailing you, it would help if you truly have self-assurance in your doctor. Online self-diagnosis might seem like an ingenious idea to save cash but it can corroborate much classier in the long run if you end up misdiagnosing your indicators.

If we look at all the possibilities of adopting this process for self-diagnosis it carries advantages as well disadvantages too so it is not a favorable situation for a less educated person that he should concern himself and start diagnostic on the internet web as it can cause damage to his health.


One object lesson that health specialists can take away from this investigation is indulgent that the actions is happening. The data from the up-to-date research, and past research that was evaluated found that there is a large amount of the inhabitants that internet self-diagnose. Assessing how patients go about this performance and if they are directing themselves in a healthy manner is important to estimate. In this way, medical professionals (such as doctors and nurses) can deliver guidance toward healthy internet activities that can help them, not indignant them. Another lesson health professionals can take away from the inquiry is that their patients may have queries they are not taking the time to response. Nurses, doctors, and therapists need their patients to lead healthy lives and one way to inspire that is to assure the asking of questions. Patients may not comprehend medical jargon used when telling their disorder, and as a substitute of asking their doctor what it means, they may refer to the internet (that may or may not be precise).

A question that was elevated during the research method was regarding health care and financial status. Maybe patients are not going to see the doctor for the reason that they do not have a primary care provider or because they do not have protection, or cannot afford the copay. When bearing in mind this, internet self-diagnosis makes logic because it gets an answer without having to apply more money. In further research, it would be interesting to consider if there are health searchers on the internet that are doing it because they do not have many other choices accessible to them.

Promising the use of health professionals could decrease the use of internet self-diagnosing. Patients might feel that they cannot go to their key health worker or a nurse because they would be troubling them or they do not recognize what they are saying. Patients should be heartened to have an open, healthy affiliation in order to indorse the best means of life. If patients are spending the internet for their health desires, they could be led amiss or participate in unhealthy actions. Health professionals need to escalate this activities so they can assistance to improve health info and health reading ability for their patients.


The conclusions can be made prior to the knowledge we gain from the references provided to us. It is concluded that we can find the answers for medication for our health issues using internet as a tool but there should be some we need to follow for the right guidance. The first should be that there should a certified a well reputed websites should be used for such processes. And for every situation there has to be a set of questions which you should be answered by the patient. As every patient is feeling different kind of pains and discomforts in same situations. So all of these should be treated accordingly.

The other method that can be use is that a group of doctors should arrange some websites and connect to that websites regularly whenever a patient search for his medication online they should be there and the specialist doctor for that cause should ask some proper question to him according to his mental condition and should prescribed him properly according to his condition. In this process the doctor do not have to be specifically sitting with his patient in a room neither the patient needed to visit the doctor or spend money to go to a clinic. Rather than that one can simply acquire doctor anytime and anywhere with specific solution also.

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