Donald Trump News 21 Dec 2017 (USA TODAY NEWS)

1. Elections are held in Catalonia on Thursday.

At 9 o’clock, with the opening of the electoral coelgios, the Catalans will be able to start voting, and until eight o’clock in the afternoon. These are elections marked by the exceptionality of the circumstances, since they were convened as a result of the application of Article 155 of the Constitution to stop the secessionist challenge, which culminated in a unilateral declaration of independence. The three constitutionalist parties, which aspire to overthrow the secessionist bloc formed by Junts per Catalunya (JpC), ERC and the CUP, will implement different strategies to review the electoral scrutiny tonight, as they will have thousands of attorneys less than their rivals independence Thus, Cs, the PSC and the PP will add between the three about 13,000 proxies during all the electoral day, in front of the 5,000 of the CUP, the 12,000 of JpC and some 20,000 of ERC. The communes of Xavier Domènech will work with 4,800 representatives and 140 auditors. With these figures so unbalanced, Fran Hervías, secretary of Organization of Citizens and responsible for almost 4,000 representatives of this party, has planned for training, for example, to create “itinerant commandos” spread over several areas (counties of Lérida, Tarragona, Gerona, Tierras del Ebro and the interior of Barcelona) that “will go around the polling stations to check that irregularities are not committed”.

2. An Italian judge asked to look for «

Igor the Russian»

In Malaga three months ago. Spain was not unaware of the dangerousness of the Serbian ex-military Norbert Feher, the murderer of two civil guards and a cattle rancher in Teruel, but he did not know where he was hiding, hence the thief who acted in Bajo Aragón was wanted as another fugitive, without exhaustive precautions, without relating the faceless man with that other claimed by the Interpol offices in Rome and Belgrade. In the search order discharged by Italy, it is conceptualized as “violent and armed”. That order is released on July 25, despite the Italian prosecutor’s office reported that they had lost track of him in April. ABC has had access to international searches dictated to locate Feher, which was already claimed in August 2011 for sexual assault. Since then, the next search appears last June and it contains several interesting facts. He claims Italy for “crimes against persons”, as it appears, without specifying that he is believed to be the author of two murders and a third that is being investigated. The reason that appears in the “SIS” (Schengen Information System), which is formed by the countries that signed the agreement to suppress border controls in the EU, is “search and detention for extradition” and is marked in red that it must be made available to the competent authority to extradite him. This “persecution” would remain in force for three years and the police concept that is given to the Serb is “He has fled-violent-armed.”

3. Trump celebrates his fiscal plan

What Tillerson US Secretary of State had said to North Korea - Trump drops Tillerson

, but doubts about the deficit grow. Donald Trump promised “a Christmas gift” in the form of tax reform to his electorate and has advanced to Santa Claus. The US Senate voted on Wednesday in favor of the Republican fiscal plan, the largest tax reform in the country in decades, after the House of Representatives did the same. The predictions were fulfilled, since nobody expected another result since senators Marco Rubio (Florida) and Bob Corker (Tennessee) confirmed their positive vote on Friday. Only the vote of John McCain (Arizona), in medical care to treat brain cancer, which, despite the opposition of the Democrats, the final result was 51-48. The definitive approval suffered an unexpected delay, since several provisions of the norm prevented it from being approved by a majority of 50 senators and returned to the lower house to touch up, although it was not expected that this would be an impediment to its final approval. For his part, the president congratulated himself for the definitive approval in Congress of his long-awaited fiscal reform, and assured that this will be like “throwing fuel of rockets at the engines of the American economy”.

4. Kuczynski faces a motion of censure in Peru.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski faces a motion of censure on Thursday – in the middle of the Odebrecht plot – presented by the leftist Frente Amplio party, led by Marco Arana, which won 91 votes from a parliament of 130 to carry out this motion. PPK, as the president is popularly known in the country, will depend on the votes in the Congress of the former presidential candidate, Keiko Sofía Fujimori; the exmandatario Alan García (1985-90 and 2011-16) and the left divided between its leaders Marco Arana and Verónica Mendoza. The Brazilian construction company Odebrecht sent a letter to the investigative commission of the “Lavajato” case chaired by Rosa María Bartra (from Keiko Sofía Fujimori’s party) in which it revealed that Kuczynski worked as a consultant for them and received $ 782,000 through the company Westfield Capital, where it appears as a sole shareholder. Odebrecht, involved in the biggest corruption plot in the history of Latin America, said Kuczynski received four payments for a total of 782,207.28 dollars between 2004 and 2007, during which the current president of Peru was the government’s minister of state. by Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006).

5. Sweden wants to expand the crime of rape:

“Only the yes means yes.” “Sex without consent is punishable.” Clear and simple has been the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in explaining the tightening of legislation on sexual abuse in Sweden. The possibility of giving another name to the crime of rape -Våldtäkt in Swedish, which contains at its root the word violence-, Stockholm finally opted to maintain the concept but change its meaning: “Sex without consent”. The principle “is not no” is no longer enough, the Swedes prefer the “only the yes means yes”. The crime of rape in the Swedish law was already toughened in 2005 and now includes those who abuse people in a “defenseless state”, who is sleeping, unconscious, drugged or – this is an extension of 2013 – if the victim is fully aware He resists out of fear. In 2018, Löfven wants to go a step further: before the sexual relationship there must be explicit consent, otherwise it is punishable. This has been clarified by Justice Minister Morgan Johansson who signs the bill sent to Parliament this week.

6. The users of tourist apartments, forced by law to be civic

The users of tourist apartments, forced by law to be civic

.The decree of the Community of Madrid that regulates tourist apartments has entered its final phase of processing, with the start of the public information phase, which will last until January 12. The text includes for the first time the obligation of the user of tourist apartments to behave in a civic manner, at the risk of being expelled otherwise. The decree, of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports directed by Jaime de los Santos, modifies the previous one, of 2014. Several judicial decisions have forced its modification. In the current one, in addition, the resolution of the European Parliament this summer has been taken into account in which it is urged to give legal security to the collaborative economy and to “not consider it a threat to the traditional economy”, in a way that contributes to «Facilitate and promote instead of restrict». Following this philosophy, the regional decree of tourist apartments establishes the creation of a Certificate of Suitability for these homes, which guarantees that it complies with certain parameters such as heating, hot and cold water, direct ventilation to the exterior, manual fire extinguisher, emergency signage and an evacuation plan.