Smokers and ex-smokers vs coronavirus by UCSF

A new study developed by the University of California at San Francisco points out. That smokers and ex-smokers have almost twice. The risk of developing severe symptoms of being infected with the coronavirus .

Smokers and ex-smokers vs coronavirus

According to Dr. Stanton A. Glantz , director of the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. “Smoking is associated with a substantially increased risk of Covid-19 progression.” Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes. Increase the risk and severity of lung infections due to damage to the upper respiratory tract. Decreased overall lung immune function. Smokers have a higher known risk of infection and mortality from MERS-VOC . A viral respiratory illness caused by a different coronavirus.

The study – Smokers and ex-smokers vs coronavirus

In the meta-analysis, the authors worked with 19 peer- reviewed scientific articles published in PubMed. which included data on smoking behavior and COVID-19 severity. The studies, from China, Korea and the United States, were mainly based on hospitalized patients.

Of a total of 11,590 patients analyzed in the study, 30% of smokers experienced worsening disease. While that percentage was just 17.6% among nonsmokers. Thus, as the researchers wrote in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.“The meta-analysis showed that there is a relationship between smoking and the progression of Covid-19 disease.”

The 19 scientific articles with which we worked were about patients who had already contracted the coronavirus . So the relationship of being a smoker with the probabilities of being infected. By the virus in the general population is not represented in the study. According to the researchers. It would be very useful to collect data about the smoking population groups to determine. What risks they face for being infected. If the results were conclusive. The scientists suggest that avoiding smoking should be added. As a preventive measure against the pandemic.