“If you are looking for permanent business success in your company or in your personal life, decide to abandon everything that represents comfort and tranquility, because there you will not find anything that will move you forward”.

On the contrary, if you are constantly at risk, you will surely increase the possibility of going ahead of others!

“The people or companies that take the lead, are not those that only travel in known areas, but those that have decided to change and change to be better”

For a long time, we have been taught that one must do their best in certain stages of life to achieve tranquility when we decide or have to withdraw from our professional activity. Now I understand death.

Death does not come for people or companies, when we stop breathing, but when we abandon the idea that we should not do more because we have already achieved everything. If you are afraid of dying, then I tell you that the cure for it is to keep moving, constantly changing, thinking to go further, daring to be and do what no one ever dares. Many organizations cease to be in the preference of their clients for the simple fact that they have abandoned the idea of ​​doing more for their clients and have slowed down their ability to innovate for business success.

business success

The business success or High Performance companies are those that permanently seek three objectives in our opinion:

Be the most productive company:

What it implies, the incessant search for more operational efficiency, agile and flexible processes and forcefulness to ensure results. In personal life, this implies seeking to be better people through showing a high level of results and a great capacity to change consistently.

To be the best managed company for business success:

This means having control of all internal operations and processes, of having strategic alliances that allow us to continue systematically advancing without any jolts in internal factors. Again, from the point of view of the people, this means preaching by example, always doing the right thing for others, which would speak in any case of our level of congruence.

Be the most innovative:

This condition is what keeps us ahead of others, because it shows our ability to change even when nobody obliges us. This is how companies and people, remain in success in business, there is no other way. But it is necessary to abandon the Comfort, it is necessary to travel in unknown lands to be able to achieve it.

Are you willing to do it?

The differentiation occurs only when you are willing to leave the field known to enter troubled waters which requires a great capacity to change and reinvent itself !.

Nothing that represents the same for the market will have the impact that allows it to grow consistently. Leading companies have as a common denominator the great ability to anticipate changes in their environment as a product of their creative power and innovative talent.

It is no longer about managing companies, it is about pushing them to change and that requires the deployment of all our leadership in a consistent manner. And I do not speak of that leadership that only has the highest authority in the organization, I speak of the leadership of all those who inhabit its business.

Without the capacity for innovation, without empowering people to exercise their creative power daily, they will be able to go ahead of their competitors. Nowadays much more is required than doing things right, because this condition no longer guarantees the success and survival of your company.

But maintaining that creative and innovative capacity also requires the reinvention of each person inside your company. Without the willingness of these to change and to transform themselves into unique beings for the organization, the results that are required or the necessary competitive position can be achieved in front of their competitors, and this is interesting.

In order for the changes that every organization needs to take place, it is required, in addition to involving the people who compose it in the dream, to help them to realize their full potential, from reaching their highest effectiveness through the training process that every company must guarantee any person since joining the organization and not only that, they must also ensure that around each person or work team there is an adequate climate so that they can be prepared to do things differently and in the best way.

The management of each team leader has a lot of weight in the process of change, because they are the only ones capable of making this happen if they correctly carry out a process of management training support faculty in each employee, otherwise, everything will remain dream and You will surely decide that your path is only to manage the assets or assets for which you are responsible.

People who dare to do what no one does, leave behind all known terrain, are adventurous, because innovation is adventure, they are dissatisfied people, because precisely the desire to improve things keeps them alive. They are focused not on the client itself, but on their needs, and anticipate them.

They are people who are willing to make customers live an unforgettable experience through the product and service they provide. Successful entrepreneurs do not lock budgets to develop and train their people so that they can achieve this purpose.

They dedicate a large amount of resources to this, because they know that in the end, it will be their people who produce their dream, which is to reach the highest level of market participation through differentiation.

While you sleep, others take the lead Transiting in unfamiliar terrains causes fear and paralysis in many managers and managers of companies, I have no doubt, but it is the best way to reach the highest level of results that you could have even dreamed of. It is not about producing chaos to produce it, it is about learning to travel in it, in such a way that our skills and abilities to manage complexity are benefited from the frequency with which we enter and leave this fertile ground.

It is also about not losing the advantage of being asleep, thinking about control rather than letting people down so that they can do things that differentiate our business from our competitors.

Believe it, while you fall asleep on your laurels, others are taking advantage of you and this is not permissible for anyone.

The so-called blue oceans are not visible to everyone, but they are as close to us as we learn to see them. It is necessary to create differentiation through innovation, empower our people to do the best for their business, but this condition also requires a training process and that takes time.

We continually see executives who are quick to decide, and very slow to act. They want people to achieve a high degree of performance, when it is their policies and the fear of making decisions that lead to action that actually stop the entire organization.

Dare then, to think once and for all about the needs of your clients and think like nobody else what they need from you and nobody would give them to them. Think about how you can give him an experience that he will never forget and that will allow him to clearly remember this fact for the future.

Only doing what no one dares is how you can keep your business ahead of your competitors, but while you do not risk leaving the personnel of your work team to take the initiative to change, you will not be able to tranquility in the market where you are participating and as a consequence, you will be habitating people to depend exclusively on what you say.

Believe it or not, most companies stop their march because of the fear of their leaders to travel where they do not know and that is how they stop their march, some even forever.

Final thoughts about business success:

“Innovation arises when we decided to explore unknown terrains.” When we put ourselves at risk it is when our qualities emerge and we show the strength of the entire organization.

Our customers expect the best from us, do not give less than what they ask for!

“As long as you do not decide to leave, what has been, you can not enter the field of improvement” You will continue being and doing the same as always, and that stops calling attention! To anybody.

Acting in familiar territory is like going for a walk to the same place where we have always been, and in the end this will not only seem boring, but it will not allow you to test your creative potential “.