The 5 great challenges that Carlos Sainz will encounter at Ferrari

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz is already the third Spanish driver to drive for Ferrari in a Grand Prix. The player from Madrid joins legends such as the Marquis of Portago and Fernando Alonso , who are joined by testers Pedro de la Rosa and Marc Gené from a much less prominent role, the latter still in the pay of the Italian team. (Wiki)

When Sainz arrives at Maranello, he will find a very different scenario from what he is used to. Italianness as a flag, with its pros and cons, make the Scuderia a gigantic family in which the demands are slightly different from those of other teams, starting with the weight of the most legendary shield in the world of motorsports. .

The 5 great challenges that Carlos Sainz will encounter at Ferrari

Once the dust of his signing is settled, Sainz will have to consider some key challenges if he wants to succeed where some of the greatest heroes of Formula 1 were forged.

You run for Ferrari, you win for Ferrari

Being a Formula 1 champion is within the reach of very few, but being with Ferrari for even fewer. Running with the Prancing Horse on the chest is an aspiration that all motor-sport drivers dream of, which is a dream and a great responsibility.

The only team that has been in the competition’s 70-year history has a specific weight, far superior to that of any driver who passes through its ranks. Sainz will have to understand that his successes, if he achieves them, will be more than ever his team and less of himself . Failures, on the other hand, will have to be assumed as their own. In this regard, Vettel can give you a few tips.

Charles Leclerc, the desired Prince

Leclerc’s rise to Ferrari came about due to a series of circumstances not all happy. The first was the tragic death of Jules Bianchi , a good friend of the Monegasque and called to be the great hope of the Maranello quarry. Without the French, all his legacy to achieve was in the hands of his ‘little brother’.

Renewed until 2024 , in just one season it has won the hearts of the Tifosi. Sainz will have to compete with and against him for the love of the Ferraristas, something that goes far beyond the simple successes he achieves on track. A Kimi Raikkonen , the defending champion of the world with Ferrari, he did not serve his victories and his World in 2007. The status of Sainz in the Scuderia will, input, No. 2 against Leclerc , which will mean an extra difficulty to that already involves arriving a new team.

The chaos of Ferrari

The funniest team in the world, some of him say. Ferrari is able to curdle absolute dominance like that of Michael Schumacher at the beginning of the century and then not dominate again for decades, thanks to absurd decisions on the wall. Fernando Alonso was the target of his five years in Maranello, partly because of the decisions made by his managers in key races, with the historic mistake of the 2010 Abu Dhabi GP as the maximum exponent.

Sainz comes from a much more analytical McLaren , with a much stronger and less chaotic command, which will test his patience to adapt to the whirlwind of Ferrari.

The fight with the elite

The expectations placed on Carlos Sainz are very high. Replacing a four-time world champion like Sebastian Vettel forces him to be at least very close to Leclerc or even above him.

The fights with Sergio Pérez , Alex Albon, Daniel Ricciardo and company are over. It is time to fight Lewis Hamilton , Max Verstappen (old friends-rivals) and Leclerc himself, drivers who aspire not only to win races but to be candidates for the title. The qualitative leap Sainz will make as a team goes hand in hand with the competitive one.

The long shadow of Fernando Alonso

Like it or not, Carlos Sainz has two very heavy bags for who he is. The first, his last name: his father continues to reap success (he is the current Dakar champion) and continues to be the protagonist on his own merits. The second, that of Fernando Alonso.

The Asturian was first his idol, then his mentor, then his rival and always his friend. Few like him will be able to advise him on his new adventure, where he could reach for the first time a summit from which Alonso fell: proclaim himself world champion dressed in the colors of Ferrari.

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