The Ministry of Education and Employment has specified that it has asked the educational centers of the region for a “minimum purchase” of masks in case those already acquired by this department are delayed.

Education provides PPE to 15 centers with problems to stock up for the opening of enrollments

The Ministry of Education Spain

Ministry of Education

Thus, the Ministry of Education has made a purchase of more than 400,000 surgical masks, validated by the Health and Labor Risks Service of the Ministry’s Educational Centers.

In this way, this material is expected to arrive the week of May 18, but, in anticipation of the delays that may arise due to the “market saturation” of this type of material, the Ministry has gone ahead and asked the management teams of educational centers that make a “minimum purchase”.

This purchase would go to the management team and the staff that set minimum services while the request for surgical masks that the Ministry of Education and Employment has made, as reported in a press release by that department.

In addition, he stressed that if the centers have to acquire these masks in a timely manner, they can assume it with the money for operating expenses provided by the Extremadura Board, since “they should only buy masks for the management team and the staff they set minimum services”.

This request has been made to the centers by means of a letter in which the Secretary General for Education, Rafael Rodríguez de la Cruz, informs them that in the Plan of Transition towards the New Normality, approved by the central government and referring to education and University, the opening of educational centers for administrative tasks is contemplated in Phase 1, something that will not be before May 18, with the presence of management teams and administration and services staff.

In addition, said Plan has to be adapted to the region and approved at the Sectorial Board of Education with union contributions, therefore, said opening will not take place until it is officially announced.

“Next week meetings will be held with the education unions in the region and with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training,” stressed the Ministry of Education.