Tips for getting a job without having experience

Do not you know how to get a job without having experience? Maybe you have finished a degree, a master’s degree or just want to start working and you realize that you have never faced a job interview before, have never done a resume or have not lived through different work situations.

From the blog of Eboca we will try to help you to take this stage of your life in the best possible way and we will give you some guidelines that will surely be very useful for you.

If you want to work without having previous experience, here are the 3 main keys:

1. Get trained

If you like something, go for it with all your enthusiasm. For this you have to investigate, read, study. Do not settle for basic studies. At present there are multiple courses, even free, that will give you more confidence and knowledge in your field.

2. Prepare your CV

It’s time for you to make your own CV. Choose a template, possibly different and original. There are millions of models online. If you have to pay a € 1.50 because those that are free do not convince you, do it!

It is important that you highlight your studies. Any course or activity, as well as the skills and abilities that are related to the job.

3. Contacts are important

Tips for getting a job without having experience

Tips for getting a job without having experience

“You have to have friends even in hell,” and especially when it comes to work. Having a wide network of contacts opens many doors. In each course or grade you do, try to relate with many classmates and also with teachers, do not forget it.

It is recommended that you create a profile on Linkedin and share your CV. There you can expand your contacts, integrate into different groups, even know job offers that resemble what you are looking for.