The article that I have selected for my case study is a well-mannered and organized research related to poverty. It reflects that poverty is actually follows a pattern that changes over time. In developing countries the trend of poverty decreased very rapidly. Because of the better thinking of the government and the policies that helps people to lead towards a better life. In Asia this trend can be seen easily as poverty drops from 30 to 20 percent. But in Africa poverty increases in that period of time. The reason to this is that most people are found in rural areas and conflicts affects people lives and in a broader sense. It affects societies badly. The force that causes this poverty is a challenge to those nations and they are trying to reverse the factors that plays the role in doing so.

Poverty Overview

Poverty shapes up the life of the people and it snatch the people freedom. It robs the idea of leading their lives on their own terms. The poverty is not only caused by lack of resources but is also produced due to lack of power and the fear of choices they have. Lack in power and choices leads the poor people to adopt certain life style due to the lack of material resources. And for that human rights are commissioned so that everyone have equal rights either a poor or the poorest.

Poverty factors

Poverty is revealed in many factors like ill health, lack of power and resources, loss in dignity and pride, fearing of future, fear of gathering food for oneself and love ones etc. It has its own domains in which a person has lack of choices. Or power which leads to a hard situation. The interaction between these factors can increase the frustration and hence will increase the poverty as well.

There are numerous factors that leads towards poverty in a society. These factors can be social, economic, political, and environmental and in some level socio-economic as well. Some of these are listed as follows.

Conflicts can easily leads towards poverty.

What is poverty - Well-mannered and organized research related to poverty
  • Democratic governments empowers the people to get a sustainable position and leadership snatch their right to do so. This could also lure towards poverty.
  • Institutions should be developed to work for the benefits of the poor by facilitation with some proper set up or job to acquire basic needs.
  • The sustainable use of the natural resources should be establish among the environment to reduce the poverty.
  • Poverty is not gender related. Men as well as women both are affected by this fact. Measures that directly or indirectly affects men and women should be addressed and prevention should be taken to avoid that.