The World Cup is the most anticipated event for football lovers.

Below we inform you of the television channels where you can see, from Guatemala, the World Cup matches of Russia 2018 .

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Some will be broadcast live and others delayed.

According to Rodolfo Mendoza , director of the Association of Programmers , Distributors, and Cable Television Agents for Central America in Guatemala ( Aprodica ), only three television companies have authorization from FIFA to broadcast the games.

The World Cup is the most anticipated event for football lovers.

The World Cup is the most anticipated event for football lovers.


“Unlike in previous years, this is the first time that national channels did not obtain the rights to broadcast the World Cup. In Guatemala only TV Azteca Guatemala acquired them, and this in turn re-licensed the signal to Tigo Sports and Sky , so these three companies are the only ones authorized by FIFA to transmit to Guatemala, nobody else can, “Mendoza explained.

“For those who do not have a cable, they will be able to see the games through Canal 31 UHF, which is Azteca Guate , who will broadcast 44 live games and 20 delayed games. Tigo Sports and Sky, will broadcast all 64 live games, “he added.


In green the games live / In gray the games in deferred

“Include within the programming of any company or means of communication, channel or television signal other than the channels authorized to broadcast the World Cup, is a violation of intellectual property rights protected by laws and agreements of which the country is signatory, “explained Mendoza.

“As Guatemalans we must ensure that laws are complied with and leave a good image in front of FIFA, an entity that recently lifted a sanction for noncompliance with the country,” he adds

Aprodica is the entity that, in Guatemala, watches over intellectual property rights in the transmission of cable television signals. According to this entity there are more than 1 thousand cable television companies in the country, but only half of them are registered.

This leaves annual losses of around Q150 million to the Guatemalan State as taxes.


With the aim of ensuring intellectual rights, Aprodica has a monitoring center with which it is aware of the programming that cable companies broadcast in real time.

“The problem of piracy is that we lose as a country, because stealing a signal from other countries causes us to be placed on the blacklist of countries that violate intellectual property. The United States has Guatemala on that list and as a consequence, they do not give us preferential treatment, “he says.

Mendoza called on the authorities to ensure that retransmission rights are respected according to current legislation.