The multinational DirecTV has exclusive rights to broadcast the World Cup that will be held in Brazil in 2014. So, can only DirecTV subscribers watch the World Cup at home? Here we explain.

The World Cup is the most important sporting event in the world and billions of people will be in front of the television to watch the 64 games that make up this competition.

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Which television operators will broadcast the World Cup

Which television operators will broadcast the World Cup

The International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) is the owner of the rights to the images of this event. FIFA in turn sold the broadcasting rights to DirecTV to broadcast on its channels ALL the games that will be played from next June 2014.

But FIFA also sells broadcasting rights to different channels (NO operators) in each country, so that they broadcast a certain number of matches of the World Cup. These are the most important meetings that take place.

Let’s see the example of Colombia: DirecTV subscribers will have the possibility to watch the 64 matches in their entirety. While users of operators such as Claro, Une or Movistar may see a smaller number of matches issued by Caracol Televisión and RCN Televisión that acquired broadcast rights as authorized channels.

Because they are open channels (Caracol and RCN), ALL operators in Colombia will have the possibility to broadcast all the matches of the Colombian National Team in the World Cup. And the most important matches: round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and final.

If you want to know why only one channel transmits the matches of the National Team in other tournaments follow this link.

What happens on the internet?

Broadcast rights also apply to the internet, so only DirecTV subscribers can watch the World Cup matches by the different web platforms enabled by the operator.

In this case, Caracol and RCN will not have the possibility of transmitting the matches through their portals in the live signals. This right is only reserved for DirecTV.

You will see that if you try to watch a game for free signals (which are really pirates) they will not work for a long time, since FIFA controls the retransmission.