Hundreds of young people have enjoyed a session of techno music, inside their cars , occupied by no more than two people, in the German town of Schuerttorf.

Techno session

This “self-disk” has been extended until dawn. Throughout the night, the young people have accompanied the music with their horns and the lights of their vehicles.

A curious image of how you can enjoy nightlife in times of pandemic , like the ones we are seeing these days in other parts of the world. Ways to enjoy the parties that were scheduled, but without skipping the confinement.

In Spain we have been able to see these days how the cancellation of the April Fair has unleashed the imagination of the people of Seville who have celebrated it from their balconies with lanterns and songs .

It is still unknown when it will be possible to return to festivals, discos or concerts , because they are places where it is very difficult to maintain the safety distance.