Zuckerberg Buying CM Application:

This really unexpected that Zuckerberg is interested to buy the CM application. Zuckerberg team contact with CM application on 20 May 2020.  And show interest to buy CM application. This is first product of 2020, in-which Zuckerberg  show interested to buy. First bid by Zuckerberg team for CM is 20 Billion zoons.

But CM team not interested to sell the whole product to Zuckerberg company. But CM show interested to sell 49% of shares to Zuckerberg company. They want to keep ownership of CM. In this peace deal meeting, One more thing was also under discussion is that. If this deal  ‘Zuckerberg buy CM application ‘ if deal successfully done; then team will switched in two blocks.

Hits about Zuckerberg buying CM story

Andrew Zuckerberg is fiction character of CM. This is not real and true story. It just a short story. whole character and prices and product are dummy.